32 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alison Watson 7fa7171471 various dev environment stuff 1 month ago
  Alison Watson 4524fdb550 misc fixes 1 month ago
  Alison Watson c06c3dc3db improve megadl-all script so that it puts folders in folders 8 months ago
  Alison Watson a86a935b69 add development chroot environment 8 months ago
  Alison Watson c1708ee6a1 make console usage of emacs better 8 months ago
  Alison Watson a1228b3db4 make paths not be hardcoded on user login 8 months ago
  Alison Watson 9e36d141ed fish: add llvmenv's prefix to PATH if it exists 10 months ago
  Alison Watson a21ffcd574 runtime fixes 11 months ago
  Alison Watson 67d17c4a3f add extremely overdetailed gender script 11 months ago
  Alison Watson fa73b53992 fish: ensure ruby is installed for greeting 11 months ago
  Alison Watson 3be4d85b6c void: add xqupdate function 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 9adc30c955 void: make xrsync synchronize the folder with a glob 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 32e5e924bc fish: don't use these bindings anymore 1 year ago
  Alison Watson d13302eeb9 fish: fix usage of vim: syntax 1 year ago
  Alison Watson e6764e6e90 fish: use ruby instead of awk for word of the moment 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 10c661f419 fish: add wiki preview script 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 15ccf66f59 fish: simplify xq commands and make them more useful 1 year ago
  Alison Watson ad6d329bbc virtual-machines: add PCem configurations 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 325db1179c fish: add quick-sed script 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 4633936864 fish: STILL THE WRONG COMMAND 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 47385bd4de fish: wrong command 1 year ago
  Alison Watson a1c1e264b9 fish: add more xq* commands for maintaining user repository 1 year ago
  Alison Watson f0d18e3d1b virtual-machines: move vm-qemu into its actual function 1 year ago
  Alison Watson b2e1a11c98 fish: add quick-diff 1 year ago
  Alison Watson c1cb544af2 fish: clean repo on reload 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 9ec91ddbc0 move computers/cain/fish/void-{quick,repo} to fish/ 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 0ad336ffda hosts: move to network/hosts 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 5ed04a948b rewrite show-colors script in Ruby 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 983fa53083 show-colors: fix typo 1 year ago
  Alison Watson b3e5fb92ed virtual-machines: reorganize, and add Debian, FreeBSD, NixOS, OpenBSD, Slackware, Ubuntu, openSUSE, and Xubuntu configs 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 22e217f406 fish: add ds-patch script 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 27b266450b file dance 1 year ago