75 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alison Watson 53fb4543f8 Revert "remove mentionable switch since discord can do that now" 11 months ago
  Alison Watson 0f003e262d remove mentionable switch since discord can do that now 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 0af5981abe add .deletethis to NSFW module 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 9c20aabb84 add "real" field to Vrobot4::Server::Message 1 year ago
  Alison Watson d1e1ecdb19 add NSFW module 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 6a0d9aa9b0 fix limitations of .marble 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 2f38ed3f43 fix discord backend shoving every server into the server hash 1 year ago
  Alison Watson b0d44bd02b make vrobot able to do nothing on servers not in the config hash 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 41a779f58b fhdhgds 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 47f5e1d1b4 im idrt 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 3f0c9d186a use dev roles instead of notify role 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 0803334db1 typo 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 9d4b991b19 style fixes 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 8970810891 use SSL on IRC backend 1 year ago
  Alison Watson b4b98879bc fix function name 1 year ago
  Alison Watson b450643e2f make role chooser more generic 1 year ago
  Alison Watson d4199cf103 fix irc module 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 5f5aede8ab debian sucks 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 09591b03d1 split quote/fun modules 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 79e6dbd495 change yaml configs to ruby configs 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 8f79a79b4e fix conflation of server and bot 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 34aeec60dc documentation and version bump 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 10b23a9d8c IRC module 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 6fbb04415c fix errors with IRC 2 years ago
  Alison Watson dcb826dd7f crap 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 53bab8bfd5 fuck debian 2 years ago
  Alison Watson c38c3969ef
Add Mod_DecatessaradimensionalLoungeAlertationAndRolinationManagerator. 2 years ago
  Alison Watson c21a88d000
Add Mod_Notify. 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 6077058fd4
Improve functionality. 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 1a669e7834
Fix various Discord-related things. 2 years ago
  Alison Watson c97297043a
Change main program to use ARGV instead of a hard-coded file name. 2 years ago
  Marrub e7024c0883 Fix more threading and file errors in Mod_Audio 3 years ago
  Marrub 6de154b22e Fix thread synchronization errors in Mod_Audio 3 years ago
  Marrub a9a9961c37 Fix bugs probably 3 years ago
  Marrub 48c1b572ee Implement Mod_Audio 3 years ago
  Marrub 9c1c320bf3 Add voice_play_io and voice_play to Sv_Discord 3 years ago
  Marrub 71ad2dddd3 Remove AudioServer API 3 years ago
  Marrub 2e2adcfef7 Add .assemblyinfo to Mod_DoomRLA 3 years ago
  Marrub fb3822583d Add role chooser module 3 years ago
  Marrub 97c0e107ce Make DoomRLA info only parse once per program instance 3 years ago
  Marrub 9bb1c4dad9 Add IDs to channels and users 3 years ago
  Marrub d7509c80d6 Fix syntax (again) and move use checks to Module 3 years ago
  Marrub 5d929e258d Add Sv_IRC client 3 years ago
  Marrub 5cb9129185 Fix minor errors 3 years ago
  Marrub 34d8744a6a Move basic command handling to Server 3 years ago
  Marrub e84f48c4a5 Remove automatic argument splitting and add a * arg specifier 3 years ago
  Marrub f987c780f7 Fix over-complicated syntax 3 years ago
  Marrub 2cf1c9316e Account for server types with stricter text limits 3 years ago
  Marrub 0de5a39c5a Reduce useless nesting in configuration files 3 years ago
  Marrub e912898dd0 Document all code with YARDoc 3 years ago