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  2. Part 1
  3. Page 3
  4. Sakuya: "This is my last mag..."
  5. Sakuya: "I wish for forgiveness."
  6. Page 4
  7. 2 Hours Earlier
  8. Page 5
  9. Sakuya, to make cleaning the Scarlet Devil Mansion easier, ordered an automatic vacuum cleaner from Nitori. However, an automatic vacuum cleaner would not be able to cover the vast area of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, causing concerns in planning that it may be overworked and break.
  10. Page 6
  11. Nitori flustered and super-powerful auto-vacuum still in experimental stage, Sakuya proposes a test run.
  12. Curious to see if it would fail or exceed, she put the cleaning robot to the test.
  13. Page 7
  14. Sakuya: "Cleaning strength.."
  15. Sakuya: "I'll just set it to maximum for now."
  16. Page 9
  17. Meiling: "..The hell was that sound just now?"
  18. Guard: "Dunno.."
  19. Page 10
  20. Sakuya: "It moved!"
  21. Remilia: "Ooooooooooooooooooohhhh!? What the heck is that!?"
  22. Remilia: "Yahoo!! Sakuya!! What is that!??"
  23. Page 12
  24. FoodScraps
  25. Page 18
  26. Sakuya: "Ah.. What a nice fragrance."
  27. Sakuya: "Let me get you changed."
  28. Sakuya: "Surely, gym clothes will suit you. ♥"
  29. Page 19
  30. Sakuya: "There."
  31. Page 20
  32. Meiling: "Mmm. *Cough*"
  33. Sakuya: "Meiling."
  34. Meiling: "S.. Sir!!!"
  35. Sakuya: "Alert the others. Please stop the cleaning robot."
  36. Sakuya: "Don't ask why."
  37. Sakuya: "I'm just taking care of her majesty, so just look the other way, eh?"
  38. Meiling: "R.. Roger! Over!!!"
  39. Page 21
  40. (I'm not really sure on these because my OCR craps on these and I can barely read it)
  41. Meiling: "Sweep the whole building."
  42. Meiling: "Anyone outside of a squad please evacuate immediately."
  43. Cirno: "Nomnom.. Delish.."
  44. Sunny: "Cirno! We have to get out of here!!"
  45. Meiling: "It will be very dangerous until we announce it is over, so please do not come out of hiding."
  46. (background: "Help hide the guests, please." "Sir!")
  47. Page 22
  48. Meiling: "This is Meiling."
  49. Radio: "[SCREAMING]"
  50. Meiling: "No way.. bullets.. won't hurt it!?"
  51. Meiling: "Roger. I'll see you soon."
  52. Meiling: "It's too quiet..."
  53. Meiling: "Should be right around here."
  54. Page 23
  55. Meiling: "Wh.."
  56. Page 24
  57. Meiling: "This was the work of the vacuum cleaner, no doubt."
  58. Page 26:
  59. Meiling: "There!"
  60. Page 27
  61. Meiling: "I'll finish this."
  62. Meiling: "Shit!?"
  63. Page 28
  64. Meiling: "It got away..."
  65. Meiling: "If it gets through the gateway blockade..."
  66. Page 30
  67. Meiling: "Fucking relentless...!"
  68. Page 33
  69. Meiling: "Oooowwwwww"
  70. Page 34
  71. Meiling: "wwwwwwwwwwwww!!!"
  72. Page 39
  73. Sakuya: "If we don't come up with a solution in the next 5 minutes, call Marisa."
  74. Guard: "Sir. Roger that!"
  75. Guard: "Godspeed!!"
  76. Page 40
  77. Marisa: "Yes, Marisa Kirisame's Magic Shop."
  78. Marisa: "..What, it's just you? Hey, you been reading the vibes around here?"
  79. Page 41
  80. Marisa: "Heeeh..."
  81. Marisa: "That sure is interesting."
  82. Part 2
  83. Page 6
  84. Patchouli: "Why do I always have to deal with this shit!?"
  85. Page 7
  86. Patchouli: "The issue is..."
  87. Page 8
  88. Patchouli: "Living!"
  89. Page 9
  90. Marisa: "It's been a while, hasn't it.."
  91. Marisa: "Flying through the sky, too."
  92. Page 12
  93. Sakuya: "It looked so weak.. Who the hell would have thought even rifle bullets wouldn't be effective against it?"
  94. Sakuya: "Well, I'm all out of bullets anyway..."
  95. Marisa: "Right, then.."
  96. Marisa: "That mansion over there, isn't it."
  97. Sakuya: "That sound is!?"
  98. Sakuya: "No way.."
  99. Page 13
  100. Sakuya: "Marisa!?"
  101. Page 14
  102. Marisa: "Kept you waiting, huh?"
  103. Marisa: "Leave your ammo needs to me."
  104. Page 15
  105. Sakuya: "You were fast, eh! You're a great help!"
  106. Marisa: "Consider it a service. That cleaning robot I made is my own responsibility."
  107. Marisa: "I lent it to Nitori. I never thought it'd make its way to the
  108. Scarlet Devil Mansion."
  109. Sakuya: "It's not a cleaning robot! Misuzu and Patchouli were torn down in its rampage!"
  110. Marisa: "Did you read the fucking manual? You just set it to maximum didn't you? (Ah, she looked away!)"
  111. Page 16
  112. Sakuya: "Get down!"
  113. Marisa: "Wah!? The bookshelf!!"
  114. Sakuya: "Scatter!!!"
  115. Marisa: "Oh fuck, oh fuck!!"
  116. Page 17
  117. Marisa: "Eh......? What.. is this.. feeling..?"
  118. Sakuya: "Ah, ow, ow..."
  119. Marisa: "Maybe a weird thing to say, but... Sakuya, you're a girl, aren't you?"
  120. Sakuya: "Eh..? .. I thought you'd noticed by now, but.."
  121. Marisa: "What?"
  122. Page 18
  123. Sakuya: "In reality,"
  124. Sakuya: "I'm a guy. This getup is just kind of a hobby, y'know."
  125. Marisa: "E.. a... uh.. I.. ah.. u...?"
  126. Page 19
  127. Sakuya: "Marisa!"
  128. Sakuya: "..Tch. Riding the fucking line..."
  129. Page 20
  130. Sakuya: "I will only ask you once... Why do you wear armor down there?"
  131. Marisa: "It's my hobby!! Armor is fuckin' cool!?"
  132. Sakuya: "Haha.. That's just like you, Marisa."
  133. Marisa: "W.. will you.. let go? I'm not a pet, y'know..."
  134. Page 22
  135. Sakuya: "You're fucking kidding me..."
  136. Sakuya: "Marisa!! What the fuck is that thing made of!? How fucking strong did you make it!?"
  137. Page 23
  138. Marisa: "Ada**n...tium..."
  139. Sakuya: "What a fucking stupid thing to do!!! Didn't you ever think 'if it's so strong it'll never be able to be stopped'!?"
  140. Marisa: "Curiosity got the better of me!"
  141. Marisa: "I was hoping you would praise me for making a strong cleaning bot out of adama*tium!"
  142. Page 24
  143. Meiling: "GOOD MORNING!"
  144. Sakuya: "Meiling!"
  145. Meiling: "Sakuya! The batallion has been annihilated. I will dispose of that fucking vacuum cleaner myself."
  146. Meiling: "Oh!?"
  147. Meiling: "Why is Marisa here.. Don't tell me you're involved in this incident!?"
  148. Page 25
  149. Marisa: "Meiling... Aren't you getting carried away here.."
  150. Meiling: "I am the gate guard of the Scarlet Devil Mansion."
  151. Meiling: "This is no big deal to me."
  152. Sakuya: "WATCH OUT!"
  153. Page 28
  154. Sakuya: "MARISA!"
  155. Page 29
  156. Meiling: "If a weapon is useless..."
  157. Meiling: "Down to its last piece!"
  158. Page 34
  159. Meiling: "Huh?"
  160. Page 39
  161. Marisa: "Wah.."
  162. Page 40
  163. Sakuya: "Your majesty!?"
  164. Remilia: "I heard the situation."
  165. Page 41
  166. Remilia: "I will stop that robot!!"
  167. Remilia: "And I will have a stern talk with you about this outfit afterwards!"