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  1. A Soul in Xevv is a type of [[Metaphysical Energy|concepts/magic]] capable of
  2. storage. Generally, a Soul stores things such as memories, personality, and
  3. knowledge. They are always bound to a body until they die or become
  4. [[Immortal|concepts/immortality]]. All living beings, planets, stars and other
  5. celestial bodies have Souls, though most use them to store different (or no)
  6. information.
  7. # Origin
  8. Souls were created by the God [[chars/athena]] in the beginning of the second
  9. universe, after the first was naught but featureless clay and gas. They were
  10. created just to store unique information of every object in the universe, but
  11. ended up offering far more complexity than intended. As such, rules for them
  12. were quickly established (before the concept of death was created) by
  13. [[chars/thoth]].
  14. # Unlinking
  15. Souls are mediated by the God Thoth, who sees that they pass from Reality to
  16. [[Flux|concepts/pathways]] properly. Thoth is incapable of error, having
  17. created this system, and so no error in the process has or ever will occur, as
  18. long as [[dims/heaven]] still exists.
  19. Thoth does not oversee Souls which have exited Reality abnormally (ie.
  20. Immortals.)
  21. # Death
  22. Death is defined by the moment a Soul detaches from its body, which can happen
  23. for a multitude of reasons dependant mainly on the body. When a body dies, it
  24. releases a significant amount of Metaphysical Energy relative to the size and
  25. complexity of the body, as well as the complexity of the Soul's contents.
  26. # Binding Errata
  27. On extremely rare occasions, the binding of a Soul to a body can erroneously
  28. extend to inanimate objects. This creates a *Soul Gem* which may be used to
  29. [[bind multiple souls to one body|chars/deceiver]], a phenomenon only
  30. discovered in the [[Deceiver Universe|dims/deceiver]].