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These are the artifacts within the Xevv multiverse.

[[!map pages="multiverse/artifacts/*"]]

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@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
The Dimension Driver is an [[concepts/artifact]] which exists in both the
[[Cybertech Universe|dims/cybertech]] and, in some timelines, the [[Deceiver

There are separate pages for the two:

* [[artifacts/dimdriver/

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[[!meta title="dimension driver (cybertech universe)"]]

The [[Cybertech Universe|dims/cybertech]]'s Dimension Driver is a medium-sized
teleportation chamber that can transport any material inside it to any other
universe, given made-up coordinates. The Artifact was created as a deal between
a [[God|concepts/gods]] and a human who both wanted to see new places. All
valid coordinates are part of an arbitrarily defined list given by the God
to the original owner.

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multiverse/artifacts/dimdriver/deceiver.mdwn View File

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[[!meta title="dimension driver (deceiver universe)"]]

The [[Deceiver Universe|dims/deceiver]]'s Dimension Driver is an
[[concepts/artifact]] created by the last dying [[God|concepts/gods]] as a gift
to humanity during the destruction of [[dims/heaven]] in 2407 N.E. It is a set
of tools, about a mile wide, which with the provided visual instruction
pamphlet can create a generic faster-than-light engine modification capable of
travelling to other universes. The engine must be tuned to a particular
subspace travel speed to get to any particular dimension.

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[[!meta title="the l-value"]]

The L-Value is an object within [[dims/hell]] created by [[The
Archangel|chars/archangel]]. It is a destructive [[concepts/artifact]] which
can set any universal constant, including time. It is visually indescribable
and can only be manipulated with an extremely large amount of [[Dark

# Name

"L-Value" is a reference to the C programming language's concept of *lvalues*,
which are values that can be used on the left-hand side of an assignment

# Uses

In [[stories/lithium]], The L-Value is used to create a time-loop to gather
large amounts of extraneous Dark Energy from the events that unfold within the
20 years Lithium's story takes place in.

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multiverse/chars/archangel.mdwn View File

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[[!meta title="The Archangel"]]

The Archangel is a beast created by [[dims/hell]] for the purpose of
perpetuating the gathering of [[Dark Energy|concepts/darkenergy]]. It was first
incarnated in 777 N.E. during the First Space War thanks to the amount of Dark
Energy generated by the large-scale battle. The Archangel created [[The
L-Value|concepts/lvalue]] in this time, but ran out of energy before being able
to activate it.

The Archangel is a tall, yellow, furless beast reminiscent of an Arch-vile, but
with long, green wings. It can fly a short distance off the ground, but is
incapable of sustained flight due to its weight. Despite this, it is extremely
mobile and inconceivably dangerous.

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multiverse/chars/kirika.mdwn View File

@@ -26,7 +26,8 @@ manifest, the God [[Kiri|chars/kiri]] granted her a body within the [[Deceiver
Universe|dims/deceiver]] that would live a hundred years. She travelled the
worlds in awe of a beautiful yet flawed galaxy during the 14th century of the
New Era, and 30 years after her incarnation, gave her body back to the Gods as
sacrifice to become a part of [[The Deceiver|chars/deceiver]]'s soul.
sacrifice to become a part of [[The Deceiver|chars/deceiver]]'s

# Trivia

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multiverse/chars/stanb.mdwn View File

@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ Maxim-Danil|orgs/ofmd]]'s PMC and the U.S. Military to help resolve the
his mission, he was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps and was enlisted
exclusively to OFMD's PMC, after which he was rewarded a large sum of
[[concepts/score]] and insurance benefits. During [[stories/lithium]]'s
time-loop caused by [[The L-Value|concepts/lvalue]], he leads OFMD's PMCs as a
time-loop caused by [[The L-Value|artifacts/lvalue]], he leads OFMD's PMCs as a
General in the [[Post-Ragnarök Incident|stories/fss]].

# Lithium Backstory
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ General in the [[Post-Ragnarök Incident|stories/fss]].
> entirely, but as fate has it, I'm going to be in the former, no matter what.
> "Oh well," I sigh. "Where in the world are we going?"
> The scientist responds, "Not ''in'' the world. Out of it. While your deploy
> The scientist responds, "Not *in* the world. Out of it. While your deploy
> location is still technically —" I cut him off. "I don't give a damn. Just
> tell me where it is."

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These are the concepts within the Xevv multiverse.

[[!map pages="multiverse/concepts/*"]]

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multiverse/concepts/immortality.mdwn View File

@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
Immortality is a state of being in the Xevv multiverse, where one's
[[concepts/soul]] exists but (usually) has no body, and is stuck
somewhere between [[Flux|concepts/pathways]] and Reality. When one is Immortal,
they cannot conceivably die or degrade, nor return to the Gods or Reality. It
is similar to being in Limbo, but it is possible to obtain a body while
Immortal, if a God grants you one, or you [[already have

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multiverse/concepts/lightink.mdwn View File

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[[!meta title="light ink"]]

Light Ink is one of the most widespread uses of [[concepts/magic]] in the
[[Deceiver Universe|dims/deceiver]]. It is an insoluble liquid that changes
color based on lighting conditions. When used to write onto paper, the color
stays and it is permanently stained with it.

It can be used in conjunction with a [[concepts/contract]] to draw
[[methods|concepts/magic/method]]. Light Ink was invented by the God
[[Apollo|chars/apollo]] shortly after contacting humans for the first time, as
he was interested by the concept of writing. It can be created by transmuting
pure deep-sea water from any planet with a Contract of any kind.

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multiverse/concepts/magic.mdwn View File

@@ -0,0 +1,32 @@
[[!meta title="metaphysical energy"]]

Metaphysical Energy is a type of energy present only [[between Reality and
Flux|concepts/pathways]], and in [[dims/heaven]]. It is a pure type of energy
capable of manipulating the fabric of Reality. Heaven is composed entirely of
Metaphysical Energy. It is sometimes referred to as *MP Energy* or just *MP*.

# Physical Manifestation

Metaphysical Energy is capable of physically manifesting in Reality in one of
two ways: Weak Energy known also as Mana, or Real Energy, known also as Flux

## Weak Energy

Weak Energy (Mana) is a multi-colored matter that is only active in a
supercritical fluid phase. When it transitions, it liquifies and becomes an
inert, nonconducting dark orange substance. Weak Energy only manifests within
the [[Deceiver Universe|dims/deceiver]], as a charging counterpart to [[Light

Weak Energy can be created by a [[concepts/contract]] or certain [[Flavum
Mode|concepts/magic/modes/flavum]] [[concepts/magic/methods]] (which are most
common in Mana Absorbers.)

## Real Energy

Real Energy (Flux Mana) is a golden, milky superfluid which does not
transition. When contact between Real Energy and a body with a
[[concepts/soul]] is made, the Soul's ideals are manifested in Reality,
no matter the scale. Real Energy has only once manifested in Reality (in a
rather limited form) as [[Liquid Immortality|concepts/liquidimmortality]].

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multiverse/concepts/pathways.mdwn View File

@@ -0,0 +1,28 @@
While not accessible physically, three metaphysical paths exist between reality
and *Flux*, the gateway to Heaven: *Sil*, *Tax* and *Ur*, which are the left,
middle and right of Flux, respectively. Beyond reality are also two other paths
known as *Iq* and *Xevv*. There are also seven locations that are not part of
any path, known as *Fiß*, *Vij*, *On*, *Āx*, *En*, *Ûn* and *Gip*.

*Sil*, the left of *Flux*, is made of seven waypoints: *Sim*, *Kal*, *Oll*,
*Näx*, *Al*, *Sün* and *Sàx*. Each of these points purifies the [[Metaphysical
Energy]] passing through it. Near-by locations include *Fiß*, *Vij*, *On*, and

*Tax*, the middle of *Flux*, is an unstable path, where *En* and *Gip*
occasionally merge and become dead ends, trapping any energy flowing through
them until they merge again. *Ûn* exists between *Gip* and *Sün*, below *Sàx*.

*Ur*, the right of *Flux*, is a straight, wide path, with no obstacles. It is
the easiest to pass through, especially with large amounts of energy
congestion, but it does not provide any other potential side-effects and
generally will output (or input) low-quality Metaphysical Energy.

*Iq* is to the far left of *Sün*, near the top of *Sil*. The purpose of *Iq* is

*Xevv* is a path to the right of *Tax*, inbetween it and *Ur*, which has no
discernable end point on either side. It is difficult to discern where exactly
*Xevv* begins or ends from *Flux* or Reality's side, but somehow energy
occasionally passes through it, ending up either in *Iq* or one of the three

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multiverse/concepts/score.mdwn View File

@@ -0,0 +1,15 @@
Score is a currency universally established in 1105, New Era in the [[Deceiver
Universe|dims/deceiver]]. Score originally began its development as a currency
in 750 N.E, during the First Space War, where dozens of currencies started
quickly becoming obsolete or denied by certain groups, giving leverage to the
more neutral Eastern currencies.

By the time the First Space War had ended, most cultures were using one of
three eastern currencies: Dô, Maro, or Score. Ultimately, Score ended up being
both steadier than Maro and more valuable than Dô, and thanks to new
intragalactic communication techniques, was able to be transferred and
communicated between banks far easier. This ultimately led to its
standardization in 1105.

The name "Score" comes from the archaic meaning *20*, as one Score was
originally worth 20 Dô at the time.

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multiverse/concepts/soul.mdwn View File

@@ -0,0 +1,39 @@
A Soul in Xevv is a type of [[Metaphysical Energy|concepts/magic]] capable of
storage. Generally, a Soul stores things such as memories, personality, and
knowledge. They are always bound to a body until they die or become
[[Immortal|concepts/immortality]]. All living beings, planets, stars and other
celestial bodies have Souls, though most use them to store different (or no)

# Origin

Souls were created by the God [[chars/athena]] in the beginning of the second
universe, after the first was naught but featureless clay and gas. They were
created just to store unique information of every object in the universe, but
ended up offering far more complexity than intended. As such, rules for them
were quickly established (before the concept of death was created) by

# Unlinking

Souls are mediated by the God Thoth, who sees that they pass from Reality to
[[Flux|concepts/pathways]] properly. Thoth is incapable of error, having
created this system, and so no error in the process has or ever will occur, as
long as [[dims/heaven]] still exists.

Thoth does not oversee Souls which have exited Reality abnormally (ie.

# Death

Death is defined by the moment a Soul detaches from its body, which can happen
for a multitude of reasons dependant mainly on the body. When a body dies, it
releases a significant amount of Metaphysical Energy relative to the size and
complexity of the body, as well as the complexity of the Soul's contents.

# Binding Errata

On extremely rare occasions, the binding of a Soul to a body can erroneously
extend to inanimate objects. This creates a *Soul Gem* which may be used to
[[bind multiple souls to one body|chars/deceiver]], a phenomenon only
discovered in the [[Deceiver Universe|dims/deceiver]].

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multiverse/dims/cybertech.mdwn View File

@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
The Cybertech Universe is a universe similar and related to [[deceiver]]. The
dimension of time flows slightly faster within the Cybertech Universe, and
shared events between it and the Deceiver Universe often happen several hundred
(or even thousand) years sooner. Technology and magic are fused with biological
life by the time [[stories/deceiver]] even happens.
(or even thousand) years sooner. Technology and [[concepts/magic]] are fused
with biological life by the time [[stories/deceiver]] even happens.

Despite the accelerated expansion of knowledge, ability and time, space travel
was never perfected within the Cybertech Universe, as subspace does not exist
@@ -17,14 +17,14 @@ within it, unlike the Deceiver Universe.
* Around -500: Humans approach the bronze age.
* 0: Time is first recorded by humans.
* Around 500: Humans approach the iron age.
* 1005: The first magic-based circuit is built.
* 1005: The first [[concepts/magic]]-based circuit is built.
* 1050: Spacecraft is invented, and the Moon is civilized.
* 1100: The first turing-complete computer is invented.
* 1110: The first three-dimensional display is invented.
* 1112: Guns are invented on Earth.
* 1113: The previously unified world is split into four countries. All four go to war at once. The Moon civilization is still at peace.
* 1115: [[stories/eikyo]] takes place.
* 1119: The [[concepts/dimdriver]] is invented.
* 1119: The [[dimension driver|artifacts/dimdriver/cybertech]] is invented.
* 1125: The Great World War ends.
* 1130: [[stories/lithium]] takes place.
* 1225: [[stories/basilisk]] takes place.

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multiverse/dims/deceiver.mdwn View File

@@ -7,14 +7,14 @@ appear.

# Timeline

* 3010 C.E: The God [[chars/hermes]] begins communication with humanity and brings magic to the world.
* 3010 C.E: The God [[chars/hermes]] begins communication with humanity and brings [[concepts/magic]] to the world.
* 3030 C.E: [[stories/destiny]] takes place.
* 3031 C.E: Unspecified calamity occurs, [[concepts/gods]] are no longer heard. New Era is marked.
* 300 N.E: [[stories/project67]] takes place.
* Around 450 N.E: Space travel develops and makes travelling to other planetary systems viable. [[concepts/pathways]] are discovered, making small communications with the Gods possible again. The first [[concepts/artifact]] is found.
* Around 750 N.E: Intragalactic, inter-species war breaks out. Currency begins to consolidate.
* Around 1025 N.E: The First Space War ends.
* Around 1100 N.E: Extrauniversal communication progresses to the point where communications are readily and cheaply available throughout the galaxy. [[concepts/score]] is established as a global currency.
* Around 1100 N.E: Extrauniversal communication progresses to the point where communications are readily and cheaply available throughout the galaxy. [[concepts/score]] is established as a universal currency.
* 1344 N.E: [[stories/deceiver]] takes place.
* Around 1626 N.E: Research concludes supplimentary universes in existence.
* 1649 N.E: [[stories/lithium]] takes place.
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ Following Crafty God Damn Murder Mutants' bad ending, the following would
happen, though this is not the canonical continuation:

* 2407 N.E: [[dims/heaven]] is destroyed.
* 2907 N.E: The [[concepts/dimdriver]] is found, reverse-engineered and sold as a ship counterpart.
* 2907 N.E: The [[dimension driver|artifacts/dimdriver/deceiver]] is found, reverse-engineered and sold as a ship counterpart.
* 3101 N.E: [[stories/material]] takes place.
* 4000 N.E: The dimension of time comes to a halt, ceasing any further possibilities.

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multiverse/dims/heaven.mdwn View File

@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
Heaven exists outside of reality, and is the place where all of existence
began. It is incapable of being accessed by any normal means, and is the source
of magic in most universes within Xevv. Visually, to those who can see within
it, it's like swimming in a giant pool of golden milk. Gods physically manifest
here, and decide causality in this place.
of [[concepts/magic]] in most universes within Xevv. Visually, to those who can
see within it, it's like swimming in a giant pool of golden milk. Gods
physically manifest here, and decide causality in this place.

# Lithium Info Page

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multiverse/stories/fss.mdwn View File

@@ -6,12 +6,12 @@ universe|dims/deceiver]] in 1652, New Era. The ZDoom Forums thread can be found

# Summary of Events

Ten years after the [[hell incident|lithium]], due to [[concepts/ragnarök]]
taking place, [[dims/hell]] was able to create a pathway through [[the
void|dims/void]] and back into the Deceiver Universe from there. An endless
invasion of demons constantly plagues humanity, and few are able to fight them.
[[orgs/ofmd]], the [[orgs/uac]] and the [[orgs/uaaf]] merge in order to launch
a large-scale counter-attack against the forces of Hell.
Ten years after the [[hell incident|stories/lithium]], due to
[[concepts/ragnarök]] taking place, [[dims/hell]] was able to create a pathway
through [[the void|dims/void]] and back into the Deceiver Universe from there.
An endless invasion of demons constantly plagues humanity, and few are able to
fight them. [[orgs/ofmd]], the [[orgs/uac]] and the [[orgs/uaaf]] merge in
order to launch a large-scale counter-attack against the forces of Hell.

An unnamed PMC recruit is sent into the heart of The Void, where high-order
scientist for OFMD [[chars/adaml]] and General [[chars/stanb]] guide him

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multiverse/stories/lithium.mdwn View File

@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ The three potential beginnings are:

Destroying the portal to Hell eventually causes [[concepts/ragnarök]] to occur,
which in turn triggers the revival of [[chars/archangel]], who then pushes
[[concepts/lvalue]], causing a time loop to occur around 30 years after the
[[artifacts/lvalue]], causing a time loop to occur around 30 years after the
portal is destroyed, re-starting the events.

Somewhere within this time loop, due to The L-Value being moved too many times,

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multiverse/stories/material.mdwn View File

@@ -0,0 +1,36 @@
[[!meta title="Material"]]

Material is a short story from several perspectives showing the oddities caused
by [[dims/heaven]] (and thus causality) being destroyed in the [[Deceiver
Universe|dims/deceiver]]'s bad timeline.

The story is unfinished and probably won't be finished, any time soon at least.

# Contents

<div align=center><h3>Material</h3></div>
<div align=center>12:40 20/01/3101 NE // UNKNOWN</div>

<q>Over the last year I've found little reason to be on Earth with all the war going on at the moment. I'll be sitting here drinking my cappuccino, bitches!</q> I sent the BBS post to the travel board, surely someone'd laugh. <q>Anyways,</q> I said to my friend, <q>I'll be star-side. Give me a few minutes in there and we'll be moving again.</q>

<q>What the fuck even went wrong? We fueled up to a 120 lightyear trip and it's failing at only 20. This is worse than when we had to refuel every 5 a few hundred years back, at least then we'd know <i>when</i> we'd have to spend all our money.</q> Her annoyance filled the room with a stifling atmosphere, and then I knew it was fate that I'm getting the hell out now.

<q>Well,</q> I said as I jumped down to the base chamber, laden in all kinds of colors, <q>maybe we were shammed when we bought this ship.</q>

<q>No good,</q> she says, <q>no good at all.</q>

I didn't agree with the sentiment. The retro-deco design of the ship was definitely my style.

<div align=center>12:42 27/01/3101 NE // MARS ORBIT</div>

We reached the abandoned ship, a mere thousand something kilometers out of high orbit. A few hundred years pass and there should only be a bit of rust on these things, but the ship was in worse disrepair than I've ever seen.

The four of us trunked into the ship and checked out the interior. A few hours pass and we didn't see anything. The report was dull, but an object that big just coming out of hyperspeed – which it apparently entered for no reason – just isn't right. I guess I just don't have time to dwell over these things anymore.

<q><i>Excessive time waste</i></q> summed up the trip. I did like the parts of design on the she ship I could see, though. Retro-deco is definitely my style.

<div align=center>10:15 28/01/3101 NE // MARS</div>

Four men in space suits walked into the café. Kind of a strange sight to see, but I'd heard of these <q>garbage hunters</q> before. Seems like an excessive time waste to me, you can't get money from selling space trash.

… Maybe you can, who knows. My friend was singing at me but I wasn't paying attention. The four guys, in unison, sat down at a table. It was pretty funny. They didn't all ask for the same drink, though, and I was disappointed. I looked at the seat next to me and waited for my friend to arrive.

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translations/hexea.mdwn View File

@@ -0,0 +1,35 @@
[[!meta title="Hexea"]]

This is an attempt to transcribe [a song written in a constructed

Witiri zasasri
Hegafu ne dasenni
Iri, mezoti ha sisti rin trisra
Firi, trackadis
Meme sistin dasendi
Miri, mezoti hen sisti rin distra
Wesei tozihi tickentiza
Zarestraetage, sori darot hu
Exce tozihi doze frizi'in hi'is hi'frin
Iri, zasasri
Tei tozihi tickentiza
Storestraetage, sori darot hu
Exce tozihi doze frizi'in hi'is hi'frin
Firi, zasasri
Firi, trackadis