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  Alison Watson 7f2a66b61e rename app 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 5db75c6755 fix whitespace 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 63c0314cae fix deps 1 year ago
  Alison Watson e62fdb05c0 add missing codecs 1 year ago
  Frederic Bezies bdc9416529 0.93.1 update 3 years ago
  Frederic Bezies 1a0386a18a 0.93.0 update 3 years ago
  Frederic Bezies f22e00bbd8 Quakespasm 0.92.1 update 4 years ago
  Frederic Bezies 333daaea2a PKGBUILD tweaking 4 years ago
  Frederic Bezies ff51979546 Fixed typo in install file 4 years ago
  Frederic Bezies 25f51d3c06 Added desktop files for launching Quake, both Mission Packs and Abyss of Pandemonium 4 years ago
  Frederic Bezies 244f7bed75 Some tweaking I missed ! 5 years ago
  Frederic Bezies 1334e502cb Initial AUR4 commit 5 years ago