33 lines
965 B

alias pronoun_none "impulse 20"
alias pronoun_fae "impulse 21"
alias pronoun_he "impulse 22"
alias pronoun_it "impulse 23"
alias pronoun_she "impulse 24"
alias pronoun_they "impulse 25"
alias pronoun_xey "impulse 26"
alias pronoun_ze_hir "impulse 27"
alias pronoun_ze_zir "impulse 28"
alias spectate "impulse 13"
alias reject_challenge "impulse 14"
set sc_cheats 0
set sc_lives 0
set sc_dist_ammo 0
set sc_challenge 0
bind p "reject_challenge"
echo "To change your pronouns in-game use one of the pronoun_ commands."
echo "You can get a list by typing 'pronoun_' and pressing tab."
echo "If the server supports it, you can also put (possessive) after your"
echo "name, and it will be automatically detected. Example:"
echo "_cl_name Marrub (their)"
echo "To reject travel to another level while sc_challenge is set, you"
echo "may type 'reject_challenge' into the console, which by default is"
echo "bound to 'p'."
// EOF