random scripts I use
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Alison Watson d140cc5791 add gimp scripts 3 months ago
betterdiscord betterdiscord: use pixelcord instead of discordnight 3 months ago
gimp add gimp scripts 3 months ago
alacritty.yml fix glyph offset in alacritty 1 year ago
fish add development chroot environment 1 year ago
gitconfig gitconfig 5 months ago
kitty.conf move things to applications/ and system/ 2 years ago
konsole.profile konsole: use custom color scheme 2 years ago
kxkbrc misc fixes 5 months ago
mpv.conf use the mpv-mpris addon 1 year ago
ncmpcpp-bind spaces->tabs 2 years ago
ncmpcpp-conf ncmpcpp: use braille characters for a good looking visualizer 2 years ago
projectM add projectM configs 2 years ago
projectm-pulseaudio.kwinrule add projectM configs 2 years ago
pulseaudio pulseaudio: remove crap 1 year ago
ranger.conf add ranger config 2 years ago
ripgrep ripgrep: add minified js to ignored list and ignore lines with >1k chars 2 years ago
sharenix.json spaces->tabs 2 years ago
tmux.conf make tmux display more history 5 months ago
w3m add w3m config 2 years ago
xcompose shuffle around stuff, make startup/logout work better, better xresources 1 year ago
xresources emacs: move some stuff (mainly fonts) to early-init.el 1 year ago