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fe65680213 + add an option to have hint messages for puzzle item uses
+ add distinctly colored sprites for the second planet puzzle items
* add q2s2 message
2022-07-10 13:38:57 -06:00
502aaf455b + add option to add text to switches that have no markings
* change VHT_OPT_ANGLED text to fit on 4:3
* remove labels for option sections
* fix pronouns being wrong
* detect the first puzzle finish
2022-07-10 11:30:33 -06:00
2716c32826 + add option to change first person pronouns in quest log
+ add missing font characters
^ currently only &
* move quest log display to uiTick
2022-07-10 09:20:24 -06:00
6928c2f898 + add aesthetic fixes for small hud font to make it consistent with the big hud font
+ add option to add a projectile to timon's axe (splits mana use)
+ add option to speed up sapphire wand
+ make pickup flashes bright
+ make sapphire wand's trail look more like the explosion
+ add option to display a detailed quest log on the automap
+ make ettins and centaurs not play a hit sound when missing
+ add an option to set the behaviour of centaurs to make them more vulnerable
+ add an option to make players shatter frozen enemies on touch
+ add an option to change the sapphire wand's damage function
+ make sapphire wand's projectile appear at the proper height
+ add an option to change the frost spell's damage function
+ add an option to make bloodscourge's projectiles foil invulnerability
2022-07-10 07:24:30 -06:00