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TAG_ARTIPOISONBAG1 = "Poison Cloud Fléchette";
TAG_ARTIPOISONBAG2 = "Timebomb Fléchette";
TAG_ARTIPOISONBAG3 = "Grenade Fléchette";
TXT_ARTIPUZZBOOK2 = "Liber Obscurus";
TAG_ARTIPUZZBOOK2 = "Liber Obscurus";
OPTMNU_VHT = "Vanilla Hexen Tweaks";
OB_VHTFWEAPAXE = "%o rode the axe-lightning from %k.";
VHT_FAXE_PROJECTILE = "Timon's Axe Also Fires a Projectile";
VHT_MWAND_DAMAGEFUNC = "Wand Damage Function";
VHT_MWAND_SPEED = "Wand Speed Increase";
VHT_MFROST_DAMAGEFUNC = "Frost Shards Damage Function";
VHT_MBLOODSCOURGE_FOILINVUL = "Bloodscourge Foils Invulnerability";
VHT_PLAYER_TOUCHSHATTER = "Shatter Frozen Enemies On Touch";
VHT_PLAYER_QUESTLOG = "Enable Quest Log";
VHT_PLAYER_QUESTLOGPLURAL = "Quest Log First-Person Pronouns (English)";
VHT_PLAYER_SCRUTESWITCH = "Add Messages For Unmarked Switches";
VHT_PLAYER_SCRUTEPUZZLE = "Add Messages For Missing Puzzle Items";
VHT_MONSTER_CENTAUR = "Centaur Behaviour";
VHT_OPT_CONSTANT = "Constant";
VHT_OPT_MODIFIED = "Modified";
VHT_OPT_VANILLA = "Vanilla";
VHT_OPT_NOREFLECT = "No Projectile Reflection";
VHT_OPT_ANGLED = "No Reflection, Vulnerable Back";
VHT_OPT_PLURAL = "we/our/us";
VHT_OPT_PLURAL2 = "we&/our&/us&";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE0 = "it beckons for the skull of a jester...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE1 = "it beckons for the heart of a serpent rider...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE2 = "another red gem should fit here...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE3 = "a green gem should fit here...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE4 = "another green gem should fit here...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE5 = "a blue gem should fit here...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE6 = "another blue gem should fit here...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE7 = "this could fit a book...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE8 = "this could also fit a book...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE9 = "this could fit a mask of some kind...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE10 = "the shape of the grand weapon of a fighter...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE11 = "the shape of the grand weapon of a cleric...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE12 = "the shape of the grand weapon of a mage...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE13 = "this could be repaired with a steel gear...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE14 = "this could be repaired with a bronze gear...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE15 = "this could be repaired with a steel and bronze gear...";
VHT_SWI_PUZZLE16 = "this could be repaired with a bronze and steel gear...";
VHT_SWI_5_1275 = "the path to the left lever opens";
VHT_SWI_5_1283 = "the path to the right lever opens";
VHT_QST_1_0 =
"@ must find the emerald key\n"
"and get through the stronghold.\n"
"@' note says, 'it lays beyond\n"
"a stained warrior.'";
VHT_QST_1_1 =
"the chapel stands tall and\n"
"proud in the name of sin,\n"
"but its doors stay locked.\n"
"@ must find the silver key.";
VHT_QST_1_2 =
"@ need to ring the chapel's bell,\n"
"to call for the doom about\n"
"to befall cronos, and to build\n"
"a path forward.";
VHT_QST_1_3 =
"now, @ must find @' way to\n"
"the first step -- the seven portals.\n"
"\cr@ will not be able to return.";
VHT_QST_2_0 =
"the first step on @' journey\n"
"shall be to get through the guardians\n"
"which seal the realm beyond.\n"
"the portals once meant to defend cronos\n"
"from invasion now merely keep @= from\n"
"delivering justice unto it.";
VHT_QST_2_1 =
"with the guardian of ice opened,\n"
"two more paths become available to @=:\n"
"- guardian of fire: %i/1\n"
"- guardian of steel: %i/2";
VHT_QST_2_2 =
"the eastward guardians opened,\n"
"a parallel portal to the guardian of ice\n"
"opens on the west side.";
VHT_QST_3_0 =
"all that seems to be left here is\n"
"a switch, and some portals... perhaps\n"
"all @ need is to pass through here for now.";
VHT_QST_3_1 =
"there doesn't seem to be anything here\n"
"for @= right now.";
VHT_QST_4_FireMask =
"\n\cfthere should be a fiery artifact here.";
VHT_QST_4_0 =
"there should be a lever somewhere within.";
VHT_QST_4_1 =
"the lever is pulled.";
VHT_QST_5_0 =
"there should be two levers here.";
VHT_QST_5_1 =
"the levers have been pulled.";