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Feryquitous is an artcore musician who started as a side-composer for
[[An]]. She's my favorite music artist, ever.
# Works Produced Under AcuticNotes
Likely, the album Xephiratone was highly influenced by Feryquitous.
The album features the constructed language that would later come up
in Feryquitous' works, is incredibly similar to saqriphrx, and is
tonally different to all of An's prior and later works. Other things
likely co-authored by her include ExaVid, M, parts of CHIAROSCURO, and
# Identity
It is widely believed that she *is* An, but this is fairly easily
disproven. The two are related - likely familially - but are not the
same person. The main thing that makes this obvious is that
Feryquitous sings most of her songs and has confirmed this multiple
times. Additionally, they release albums in separate booths, don't use
the same DAWs, don't name songs similarly, don't write similarly...
The list goes on. They're not the same person.