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  1. [[!meta title="There"]]
  2. "There there there there there there there," there it appeared, seven times,
  3. the word "there." It wasn't pointing to anything, there was clearly nothing in
  4. the room worth nothing besides this wall mysteriously written upon. Like a
  5. logical person, I used this opportunity to introduce said wall to the power of
  6. 40 millimeter explosives – though to my surprise, the wall was actually a
  7. façade.
  8. "Oi, konnanoka?" I shouted, wondering what language this story was being
  9. written in. It was probably whatever the writer's stream of consciousness
  10. pushed out, but I wasn't convinced that using foreign languages in dialogue was
  11. a good idea. Digressions aside, Jane quickly responded through proper
  12. communications (and language,) "Yes, that's the entrance. How did you find it?"
  13. "There were a bunch of 'there's," I answered. She looked at me a bit funny and
  14. scratched her eye, before walking into the blaringly red cave entrance, without
  15. saying a word.