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  1. Hi this is the place I put the words and sometimes people read the
  2. words.
  3. This place consists of many worlds, some connected, some not. The main
  4. focal point is *the Xevv [[multiverse]]*, which I write the most in.
  5. Other developing stories include... other miscallaneous crap I haven't
  6. named yet.
  7. * [[multiverse]], the main focus of this wiki.
  8. * [[corinth]], to be done.
  9. * [[notepad]], a page for stuff on my notepad I'll otherwise forget about.
  10. * [[translations]], crap I've translated.
  11. * [[gameplay]], gameplay info for things I've made.
  12. Also check out [[map]] because some stuff might not be linked in an
  13. obvious manner (or at all.)
  14. The source for this wiki can be found [on
  15. Gitea.](