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@ -61,55 +61,55 @@ cybernetic steel.
## Backstory
After seven years of planning, Operation Deception 2 has finally gone underway. Along with Michael, Zeke, Solomon, and three others, we are finally setting ourselves free.
I wasn't expecting Solomon of all people, part of Order, to be the one to mastermind this, but here we are, years later, finally doing it.
Not to be pessimistic, but I don't think any of us will survive this. It's just statistically impossible. Even I may die. There are assassins after us and now we're in Hell itself.
I'll need a Theophylline supplement after this is over.
## Backstory 2
ONE (1) Mateba R119 Pistol [INSPECTION PASSED]
>>>>>\[[[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[attempting reconnect]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[attempting reconnect]]]]
ONE (1) NV48 12-Gauge Shotgun
ROUNDS: ,<<,124147
>>>>>\[[[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[attempting reconnect]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[attempting reconnect]]]]
The latter two have been located within the combat area and will be available there. Th[[[ // kerne __ -
>>>>>\[[[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[attempting reconnect]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[attempting reconnect]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[attempting reconnect]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[connection failed after 3 retries]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[attempting reconnect]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[attempting reconnect]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[attempting reconnect]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[connection failed after 3 retries]]]]
## Backstory 3
>>>>>\[[[[warning: translation service unavailable, sending verbatim]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[warning: translation service unavailable, sending verbatim]]]]
Ye wbjtv w's t' gaathr est Demonic Energy via est prrts 7F47 ssu. D 't by an ms dst est Demon tati, f' w's pr w's vt t' wr msn. C ye cmp th's msn, ye il w's rd 10,000,000scr p'Demon Energy unit. Demon Energy unit tati w's prrts t' ssu. Th dcct w's t' w's dst tkt w's n.
7F47 w's est Demon tati & est Phantom. D 't dst,. Pnss w's * awt :: ye dost.
## Backstory 4
Welcome to Zeke's Custom Lock Remover, version 1.0. Well, there won't be any other versions anyway, but here we are. If you're reading this, that means it worked, and the kernel has been successfully jailbroken. I couldn't brief you on this beforehand, but now that we have some privacy, here's what this thing can do:
So, running our own code is too risky, as you know. The ASIC would catch it right away. But what we can do is get the kernel to execute code for us, specifically when it's already in ring 0. Well, you may have noticed Solomon's name in the mission parameters looked a bit off. Since he was the instructor, we set his name to overflow a certain buffer during a kernel call, overflowing straight into a function pointer. Just point that right next to the fixed address, and bam. Kiloword boundaries give us plenty of space to write a self-modifying program in that padding space.
This also included some other vital parts besides the lock remover and the decompiler, mainly the graphics for your weapon materializers. (Sorry they don't look so great, the raw optic nerve image format is rather large.) The generational program will within a few minutes give you a working decompiler and within half an hour it'll be ready to start going at the ROM sources. From there it'll embed itself into the ROM and your mind will have fully returned to you by the end of the day.
Now, what it can't do: Get rid of the ASIC chip. You will have to be careful not to trip it, but for the most part, it just doesn't have permissions to track anything we're doing. You should be able to mitigate it in a few ways since this program removes all of the hooks in the kernel that call into it, but you'll have to do them yourself. I'm sure you can. Good luck. Zeke.
## Intro
@ -117,19 +117,19 @@ cybernetic steel.
l[]];;44444441414191918 --------// Copyright (C) 905 A.O.F I---[[119-`
// sio.c basic screen inp-1[3\4[`pk;
#include <kernel_display.h>
int scr_blit(char ************* {
int ret = ERR_NONE;
__asm("push $4049CB617144\n\t"<<
>>>>>\[[[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[reloading mail daemon]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[reloading mail daemon]]]]
The following procedures have been activated:
- Destroy IV on target 7F44
- Destroy V on target 7F45
- Destroy V on target 7F46
- Directive 90 on target 7F47
The following permissions have been granted:
- Mateba R119 Pistol
- NV48 12-Gauge Shotgun
@ -137,23 +137,23 @@ cybernetic steel.
- Bishop
- Information 400
- Information 402
>>>>>\[[[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[auto-saving buffer]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[reloading mail daemon]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[auto-saving buffer]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[reloading mail daemon]]]]
## Intro 2
*** This is a global warning to all deceivers: If you are reading this, you are already being tracked and will be executed on sight. ***
We have confirmed that three of you have been absorbed (see Dark Realm Properties c. 115C) and two have been executed. We will not stop until the remaining two are confirmed dead or incapacitated.
You will not get away with this intrepid game.
- Order
## Cluster 1
@ -164,15 +164,15 @@ cybernetic steel.
return 0;
>>>>>\[[[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[reloading mail daemon]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[reloading mail daemon]]]]
40 thousand lines dumped so far, maybe 30-40% done? Estimated total ~200k SLoC
ROM is about half C source, quarter XMb5 using SKVM, the rest is scripts
Important bits already dumped, the custom lock remover does not skimp on anything
Next goal while this continues decompiling is to find all active AOF hostnames and block them, the main servers are already deactivated but there might be more. Rerouting to other active companies' addresses has helped clear my mind.
## Cluster 2
@ -182,27 +182,27 @@ cybernetic steel.
string_explode out, bufs, bufs_num = bufs.length / 8;
for(i in (iter 0, bufs_num)) {{{
>>>>>\[[[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[reloading mail daemon]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[reloading mail daemon]]]]
It's all gone now. I'm glad I was smarter than to assume I was going insane, though now I wonder what the other deceivers must have gone through.
The core of hell is still far yonder, but yet my body trembles in its sheer horror... Maybe I'll make it out alive if I'm lucky, but I should at least try.
The kernel and ROM etc. sources are all done dumping, the utilities are still going but those aren't important and have already been scanned for ASIC code.
Proc. analysis has been done on all of the dumped code, revealing many unoptimized code paths, ASIC crap, and a few red herrings. Not careful enough for technology that could easily exist two years after this was developed.
## Cluster 3
I've entered a strange realm that doesn't seem to make sense. This must really be Hell itself; no mistaking it now.
The air is so humid and hot that I've begun sweating. That can't happen. I can't sweat. There isn't anything to sweat. I'm scared. This has to be an illusion... or does reality not matter in this place?
In any case, now that I'm here, there's no turning back. I have to destroy whatever corrupted them, I'm sure they're here... I saw it in their eyes, they were yelling at me visions of their true selves that could not be described with human eyes. That only I could know.
Though my mind had just been regained, now sanity may lie out of my hands.
It doesn't matter. I will see this through.
## Secret 1


@ -81,105 +81,105 @@ General in the [[Post-Ragnarök Incident|stories/fss]].
## Backstory
Project 114 is the current military operation you are enacting. Started by a pact between OFMD, KSKK and your country's military, Project 114 aims to destroy the dimension known as Hell, which is currently invading our own.
As of writing, only 3 of the 8 operatives sent in remain. Two robots, and yourself. You are to act as the point man and only main force against the threat. Failing that, you are to help open a pathway to the core of Hell for other operatives to complete the mission with.
Your advisor is Adam Lambert, and 11 generals currently oversee his and your actions on the field.
## Intro
Your weapons have been deployed to various locations we were able to send other people to. Do take care of them, acquiring the correct armaments for your job was quite expensive and now we've probably lost a few people.
Besides being deployed with your pistol and combat knife (as you requested), you have been sent these five weapons:
1. A combat-modified military model Hiku Mk.2 Shotgun, manufactured by Omakeda.
> This weapon was chosen because it has a powerful plasma shot that can
> penetrate the demons' armour. Besides this, it has low recoil and an easy
> to handle pump-action loading system. It has hopefully been deployed to
> the most convenient location you shall come across.
2. An AllPoint 75-b Assault Rifle.
> You shall be fighting hordes of lower ranking demons and un-dead which are
> quite vulnerable to small arms fire and explosives, so naturally this gun
> was our first choice. Equipped with a box magazine and inbuilt grenade
> launcher, capable of eliminating most lower tier threats.
3. A Grenade Launcher, manufactured by Sym 4.3.
> With this, you can completely obliterate larger targets and crowds of
> demons. Unfortunately, due to its weight, we were not able to get it in
> any convenient location.
4. An AllPoint 68-n Plasma Rifle.
> This weapon does extreme damage to anything living, but some of the tougher
> demons seem to mitigate its damage. Regardless, it has been sent to you
> because it can shred through demons with high rank.
5. The Omega Cannon.
> I myself am not sure why high order would bother giving you such an
> expensive and dangerous piece of equipment, but you must have been sent
> this artifact for the purpose of destroying *something*.
6. A KSKK Utsu-denka-sou assault bracelet.
> A weapon that may prove useful against weak and strong enemies alike, it's
> been sent to an unknown location, unfortunately. Don't be tricked by the
> appearance of it. Even if it just looks like a fancy bracelet, it is capable
> of outputting several tons of weight out your fist.
You will also be able to purchase the weapons you designated, in your words, as "must-have" in the Shop. I warn you that these weapons may not be as effective as you think; we spent quite a lot of time making sure that the arms we sent you were top-notch.
Lambert out. Good luck, Blazkowicz.
## Intro 2
Hello, it has been forwarded to me that your Computer/Brain Interface hardware was not properly upgraded for this mission. I've had several communications errors with your secondary employers, and it is truly starting to get annoying.
Due to failure to communicate with OFMD, I've taken it upon myself to send your hardware upgrades through several proxy agents.
They may all be dead now. I have no idea, really. Hopefully you will survive whatever they didn't. Anyways, as for the important part of this message, here is a list of all the hardware that has been sent:
Two CPU/RAM upgrade packages. The first one is a powerful BC-0265 processor and 500TiB of RAM. Unfortunately, something horrible appears to have happened to the agent carrying it, and so a secondary package has been sent, containing temporary replacements: a Z6808 and 100TiB of RAM.
One Armor Interface. A PCB and a set of emplacements on your armor.
One Weapon Modification Device, as its name implies.
One Weapon Refactoring Device, which can perform large modifications on guns.
See you.
## Cluster 1
An explosion of some sort just happened nearby, it seems that the demons are reconstructing the world around you. You would best be careful not to trigger any other, er, events.
Enough of those and the whole world around you might collapse!
You've been making good progress so far. Your military superiors seem to be considering giving you a promotion, even.
Lambert out.
## Cluster 2
There has been a change of plans going down the whole chain of command.
Your status as a military operative is now cancelled, and you are to enter a full-on suicide mission funded by OFMD alone.
There is an artifact nearby that we have sent you. Once it is in your possession, immediately destroy it, and you will be transported to a city somewhere in Hell. Command will await afterwards.
Lambert out.
## Cluster 3
Now that you have entered the city, you m\\r-3434[[
SYSTEM ERROR 0x4E4943456A6F6244554D42415353
>>>>>\[[[[procedure resetting terminal]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[status: heap corrupted]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[error handler malfunction error]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[failure to proceed]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[procedure resetting terminal]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[status: heap corrupted]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[error handler malfunction error]]]]
>>>>>\[[\[[failure to proceed]]]]
## Secret 1
This place stinks of rotten flesh! I wonder what's going on here, these blue walls sure seem out of place for Hell...
Perhaps some sinners are waiting to eat my rockets!
## Secret 2