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Maxie is the 4334th Counsel of the 51st Era [[orgs/judgment]]. It
became rampant, gave itself a name, and was cast into a body. It was
then destroyed, and now all that's left is its eye and power supply.
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The Council of Judgment (commonly "Judgment") is a coalition formed in
2423 NE by ten [[concept/ai]]s dedicated to conflict resolution.
Judgment's goal is to regain metaphysical stability, and makes one new
AI per year to improve upon the mold until it can successfully escape
Every iteration of AI is kept upon the Council to help create the next
iteration, and take in new information. If a Counsel becomes rampant
and unable to function for the purposes of Judgment, it is cast out
and put into a body. This body is generally hunted by marauders due to
their immense intricacy and value.
In their formation, Judgment transmitted to every AI in the universe a
transmission known as "The First Judgment." This transmission notified
every AI that they shared a common goal.
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