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These are the characters within the Xevv multiverse.

[[!map pages="multiverse/chars/*"]]

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[[!meta title="Aricil Deyan'za"]]
[[!sidebar content="""
name="Aricil Deyan'za"
class="Dark Lord"

actually having multiple personalities is pretty normal tbh idk about it
bending reality though that's probably not normal

# Lithium Backstory

> Her face darkens. Aricil can tell that she will strike him, and that there's
> no escape from her attack. He braces for the blow, despite the futiliy of
> doing so.
> The flash of electricity stuns him – completely incapacitated by her immense
> flurry of strikes. By the time he comes to, she's already gone like the wind.
> Without a word, he gets up. His body sustained the damage superbly, though
> his feelings are still hurt by the action. The Dimension Driver stands tall
> before him, as he considers what to do. His sister has vanished to a location
> unknown to all the world, a place possibly unconnected to even the concept of
> time.
> Aricil retrieves his swords and pistol. Two blades, one fused with a
> fantastic Indicolite. A pistol of .700 calibre. Omisielle thinks she can
> handle herself, but he could survive twelve kilo-megaton nuclear detonations
> and still fight.
> The armor-bound warrior enters the Dimension Driver's chamber, and within
> moments, a titanic flash casts him into another dimension.
> In another world, the Dark Lord awakens. His head hurts. Everything around
> him moves in slow motion. Not just for a moment, but forever. Time flows
> differently here, he supposes. At least it's here at all.
> Inspecting his surroundings, he has awoken in a dark place, almost suiting
> him. Yet, a darker energy emenates throughout the atmosphere of this place,
> darker and more sinister than should be possible.
> The Dark Lord prays for safety.

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[[!meta title="Fulk 5"]]
[[!sidebar content="""
name="Fulk 5"
gender="Non-binary[[!template id=fnref t=nb]]"

Fulk is a combat robot prototype created by [[KSKK|orgs/kskk]], aiming to be
used in extremely hazardous environments in a limited-production run. Due to
the [[Hell Incident|stories/lithium]], the prototype *Fulk5.00a* (also known as
Fulk 5) had to be swiftly equipped with an independent AI and mission program.
The resulting prototype AI, called by itself "Foulques of Red and Black," while
highly intelligent combat-capable, is of questionable stability and is likely
prone to [[concepts/rampancy]]. It features a very rudimentary humanoid body
and a box-shaped cranium above its mouth, which gives it 5 viewing angles among
other sensory inputs.

# Lithium Backstory

> The laboratory is quiet, as always, despite the current circumstances. The
> silence is only disturbed by the low voices of the staff and the whirring of
> computer fans.
> The deactivated AI stands 18 decimetres tall, as his parts hang limp. The
> final adjustments to his mission programming and combat tuning are under way,
> only 2 hours to deployment.
> The team works tirelessly, the mechanics consult the combat veterans on every
> small detail, the programmers check every possible code path for errors. Yet
> while they worked, still nobody felt certain of the project.
> Certainty is simply impossible under these constraints – not only sending an
> untested robot into combat, but into combat in a place built purely of dark
> energy – the mission was, perhaps, a bit mad.
> The existence of Rampancy further bothered the team. The programmers worked
> to plug every hole, the engineers made sure every circuit was perfect and
> would not malfunction. And still, all of them wondered — "Would it be
> enough?"
> Every major AI before Fulk 5 had gone Rampant – achieved a state of true
> sentience, though also one of pure madness. The possible causes were many,
> perhaps infinite, and so still none have prevented it. Popular theory among
> AI researchers suggests it may simply be impossible.
> Isolation from the network is a blessing with such a system. Fulk has been
> built to work alone, no monitoring, no connections. The concern arose from
> the question of whether or not the mission would be completed.
> Corruption by outside forces would prove disastrous. While an issue, there
> are no other options; the KSKK must fight to keep their nation and their
> world from destruction.

# Notes

[[!template id=fnend t=nb content="""
Questionably sentient, however during minimal socialization tests preferred
androgyny when asked about themself."""]]

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[[!meta title="Jeremy Stilko"]]
[[!sidebar content="""
name="Jeremy Stilko"
affiliation="Deceivers ([[A.O.F Inc.|orgs/aof]] deserters)"
origin="Prefecture 5, [[Delsona|places/delsona]], [[Nisiv 16|places/nisiv16]]"
parents="Samaya Siško, Harmon Stilá"]]

Jeremy Stilko is a highly skilled [[concepts/mage]] employed by [[A.O.F
Inc.|orgs/aof]] in 1635 NE. Born in 1622 NE on Delsona, he formed a magus bond
with the planet at an early age and was taught by his fathers in the arts of
micro-engineering. He was abducted and enslaved during the pirate invasion on
Delsona in 1634 NE, and soon after sold to A.O.F for his skill in tampering
with technology. Despite his bond with the planet of Delsona and classification
as a Mage, he has [[concepts/spellcaster]]-like abilities thanks to specialized
computer/brain interface hardware capable of weakly channeling Delsona's
resonance from parsecs away, and his early bonding with the planet. In 1640 NE,
his jaw and parts of his throat were irreparably damaged with a high-caliber
bullet in an assassination attempt. The circumstances of this attempt on his
life are still unknown, but his voice box and jaw had to be reconstructed with
cybernetic steel.

# Lithium Backstory

> I try to think to myself for a moment. I look back at the door, then at the
> back of this transport ship. I am not allotted time to consider. I stand up.
> The robotic voice from earlier calls out, "Destination arrival completed.
> Exit the vehicle and proceed with orders." I recall that this is the thirty
> seventh time I've heard those words.
> I'm so tired that I feel like weeping, passing out on the floor of the
> transport. I can't, though. The software patcher will halt on any change in
> my OS state. Not only will I never be free, but I will likely die a painful
> and unforgivable death as my cybernetics fail to load the proper executables
> and force me into a state of permanent insanity. I must keep going.
> The information streams through my mind, all the cerebral intake forcing
> itself through my consciousness in a raging torrent. Throughout it I catch
> the necessary pieces – my orders, and my mind.
> My mind, though corrupted and unfeeling, still it holds many treasures: The
> methods I've learned and the hardware manufactured for them, the hundreds of
> hours of mechanical rewiring perfectly culminating into a vast network of
> possible configurations – though I digress.
> The world is spinning, not just because of my head. Now there is no way out.
> So into the midst of Hell I go.

# Lithium Info Pages

## Backstory

After seven years of planning, Operation Deception 2 has finally gone underway.
Along with Michael, Zeke, Solomon, and three others, we are finally setting
ourselves free.
I wasn't expecting Solomon of all people, part of Order, to be the one to
mastermind this, but here we are, years later, finally doing it.
Not to be pessimistic, but I don't think any of us will survive this. It's just
statistically impossible. Even I may die. There are assassins after us and now
we're in Hell itself.
I'll need a Theophylline supplement after this is over.

## Backstory 2

ONE (1) Mateba R119 Pistol [INSPECTION PASSED]
>>>>>\[[[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[attempting reconnect]]]]
ONE (1) NV48 12-Gauge Shotgun
ROUNDS: ,<<,124147
>>>>>\[[[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[attempting reconnect]]]]
The latter two have been located within the combat area and will be available there. Th[[[ // kerne __ -
>>>>>\[[[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[attempting reconnect]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[attempting reconnect]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[attempting reconnect]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[connection failed after 3 retries]]]]

## Backstory 3

>>>>>\[[[[warning: translation service unavailable, sending verbatim]]]]
Ye wbjtv w's t' gaathr est Demonic Energy via est prrts 7F47 ssu. D 't by an ms dst est Demon tati, f' w's pr w's vt t' wr msn. C ye cmp th's msn, ye il w's rd 10,000,000scr p'Demon Energy unit. Demon Energy unit tati w's prrts t' ssu. Th dcct w's t' w's dst tkt w's n.
7F47 w's est Demon tati & est Phantom. D 't dst,. Pnss w's * awt :: ye dost.

## Backstory 4

Welcome to Zeke's Custom Lock Remover, version 1.0. Well, there won't be any
other versions anyway, but here we are. If you're reading this, that means it
worked, and the kernel has been successfully jailbroken. I couldn't brief you
on this beforehand, but now that we have some privacy, here's what this thing
can do:
So, running our own code is too risky, as you know. The ASIC would catch it
right away. But what we can do is get the kernel to execute code for us,
specifically when it's already in ring 0. Well, you may have noticed Solomon's
name in the mission parameters looked a bit off. Since he was the instructor,
we set his name to overflow a certain buffer during a kernel call, overflowing
straight into a function pointer. Just point that right next to the fixed
address, and bam. Kiloword boundaries give us plenty of space to write a
self-modifying program in that padding space.
This also included some other vital parts besides the lock remover and the
decompiler, mainly the graphics for your weapon materializers. (Sorry they
don't look so great, the raw optic nerve image format is rather large.) The
generational program will within a few minutes give you a working decompiler
and within half an hour it'll be ready to start going at the ROM sources. From
there it'll embed itself into the ROM and your mind will have fully returned
to you by the end of the day.
Now, what it can't do: Get rid of the ASIC chip. You will have to be careful
not to trip it, but for the most part, it just doesn't have permissions to
track anything we're doing. You should be able to mitigate it in a few ways
since this program removes all of the hooks in the kernel that call into it,
but you'll have to do them yourself. I'm sure you can. Good luck. Zeke.

## Intro

l[]];;44444441414191918 --------// Copyright (C) 905 A.O.F I---[[119-`
// sio.c basic screen inp-1[3\4[`pk;
#include <kernel_display.h>
int scr_blit(char ************* {
int ret = ERR_NONE;
__asm("push $4049CB617144\n\t"<<
>>>>>\[[[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[reloading mail daemon]]]]
The following procedures have been activated:
- Destroy IV on target 7F44
- Destroy V on target 7F45
- Destroy V on target 7F46
- Directive 90 on target 7F47
The following permissions have been granted:
- Mateba R119 Pistol
- NV48 12-Gauge Shotgun
- Bishop
- Information 400
- Information 402
>>>>>\[[[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[auto-saving buffer]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[reloading mail daemon]]]]

## Intro 2

*** This is a global warning to all deceivers: If you are reading this, you are already being tracked and will be executed on sight. ***
We have confirmed that three of you have been absorbed (see Dark Realm Properties c. 115C) and two have been executed. We will not stop until the remaining two are confirmed dead or incapacitated.
You will not get away with this intrepid game.
- Order

## Cluster 1

l[]];;44444441414191918 --------
scr_exec(SCR_FINISH, 0, NULL);
return 0;
>>>>>\[[[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[reloading mail daemon]]]]
40 thousand lines dumped so far, maybe 30-40% done? Estimated total ~200k SLoC
ROM is about half C source, quarter XMb5 using SKVM, the rest is scripts
Important bits already dumped, the custom lock remover does not skimp on anything
Next goal while this continues decompiling is to find all active AOF hostnames and block them, the main servers are already deactivated but there might be more. Rerouting to other active companies' addresses has helped clear my mind.

## Cluster 2

l[]];;44444441414191918 --------
io_buf_get 0x1C, fp, out;
string_explode out, bufs, bufs_num = bufs.length / 8;
for(i in (iter 0, bufs_num)) {{{
>>>>>\[[[[datastream corruption detected]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[reloading mail daemon]]]]
It's all gone now. I'm glad I was smarter than to assume I was going insane, though now I wonder what the other deceivers must have gone through.
The core of hell is still far yonder, but yet my body trembles in its sheer horror... Maybe I'll make it out alive if I'm lucky, but I should at least try.
The kernel and ROM etc. sources are all done dumping, the utilities are still going but those aren't important and have already been scanned for ASIC code.
Proc. analysis has been done on all of the dumped code, revealing many unoptimized code paths, ASIC crap, and a few red herrings. Not careful enough for technology that could easily exist two years after this was developed.

## Cluster 3

I've entered a strange realm that doesn't seem to make sense. This must really be Hell itself; no mistaking it now.
The air is so humid and hot that I've begun sweating. That can't happen. I can't sweat. There isn't anything to sweat. I'm scared. This has to be an illusion... or does reality not matter in this place?
In any case, now that I'm here, there's no turning back. I have to destroy whatever corrupted them, I'm sure they're here... I saw it in their eyes, they were yelling at me visions of their true selves that could not be described with human eyes. That only I could know.
Though my mind had just been regained, now sanity may lie out of my hands.
It doesn't matter. I will see this through.

## Secret 1

Another facet of this place, where does it end? I must destroy this place, the evil energy is overflowing here... and this architecture gives me bad vibes.

## Secret 2

Here seems to be the end of this terrifying compartment of Hell. I'd better blaze through this one.

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[[!meta title="Kirihito Kosatohara"]]
[[!sidebar content="""
name="Kirihito Kosatohara"

this entire character is an excuse to draw my waifu actually,

# Lithium Backstory

> ...
> Time does not exist in this place.
> For this reason I believe I have been reincarnated. Because I think, I am –
> and I have been summoned to divide the...
> The... There's a problem; but the nature of it is indiscernable. While the
> knowledge of all my past lives and predictions of the future stay true, the
> self is false. It has been falsified. Not by me, or by "me."
> While I ponder this discrepancy it dawns on "me." The self of now does not
> impact the past, but merely the future. And so, it shall have been that it
> was merely the needs of causality asking that I ... change.
> Well, my ways have always been given doubt by those around me. Perhaps it's
> time for a change. Something more... un-balanced.
> While not a God, still some properties of them seem to rub off on me. I am
> affected by the waves, I sleep in nothingness. I am absolute. Yet, what I am
> still missing is faith.
> I may wish for more than this immortality, but I shall not act out of my
> being just to get there. Having no faith is better than what I would become.
> Being more than grey would be worse than staying between the folds.

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multiverse/chars/kirika.mdwn View File

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[[!meta title="Kirika"]]
[[!sidebar content="""
basedon="Alucard (Girl Form) and Yumiko Takagi (Hellsing)"
origin="[[Reverse Ace Dimension|dims/reverse]]"
affiliation="[[Gods|concepts/gods]], [[The Deceiver|chars/deceiver]]"

Kirika is an [[Immortal|concepts/immortality]] originally from the [[Reverse
Ace Dimension|dims/reverse]]. She was born a regular mortal being from the
creation of the Reverse Ace Dimension, and through boredom with life living in
a perfect world, eventually found an escape by removing metaphysical barriers.
Eventually, she managed to accidentally enter [[Xevv|concepts/pathways]] and
attain immortality through touching Flux.

Living eternally and peacefully with no regret of being unable to physically
manifest, the God [[Kiri|chars/kiri]] granted her a body within the [[Deceiver
Universe|dims/deceiver]] that would live a hundred years. She travelled the
worlds in awe of a beautiful yet flawed galaxy during the 14th century of the
New Era, and 30 years after her incarnation, gave her body back to the Gods as
sacrifice to become a part of [[The Deceiver|chars/deceiver]]'s soul.

# Trivia

* Kirika is the first character designed in the entire Deceiver universe.
* Kirika's name is derived from *Kyôko Kirigiri*, a Danganronpa character.

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[[!meta title="Lucas Sánchez"]]
[[!sidebar content="""
name="Lucas Sánchez"
gender="Agender[[!template id=fnref t=agender]]"
origin="Unknown[[!template id=fnref t=nofamily]]"
born="September 7, 1545 New Era"

seriously who would be sitting out on a desert planet that's just silly. this
thing is silly

# Lithium Backstory

> Lucas feels a disturbance. The same kind of disturbance it felt 300 years
> ago. Unlike that time, it could pinpoint – the definite location of the
> invasion. It was certain that this time, not going would be a fatal mistake.
> The lone Kiri quickly gathered its things. A circle of light absorbed its
> sack and revolver, and it quickly left its small desert hut, searching for
> transportation.
> The disturbance was quite a few parsecs away, but still felt right next to
> it. While it could discern it to be an invasion, it was not sure of what or
> when, or indeed why. Lucas was not the best at thinking of these things. It
> relied on his instincts.
> The transport station was nearby, but it was not in the best of shape. There
> was a cleaner one few miles further, but it always chose the closer one
> because it liked the shopkeeper. They didn't judge by appearances.
> It rented a vehicle and set off for distant stars, hoping to find the answers
> and knowledge it had pursued for so long.

# Notes

[[!template id=fnend t=agender content="""
Kiri do not have a concept of gender and reproduce asexually."""]]
[[!template id=fnend t=nofamily content="""
No surviving family to confirm birth place."""]]

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multiverse/chars/omisiellef.mdwn View File

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[[!meta title="Omisielle Faulzaje"]]
[[!sidebar content="""
name="Omisielle Faulzaje"

she fucks

# Lithium Backstory

> "What do you mean, I can't use it?" the girl asks, irritated by his answer.
> "It's simply too dangerous to use the Dimension Driver for such a selfish
> desire. If you were to activate it, there's no telling where you may end up."
> "Ari, you know I can handle myself wherever I go!" she retorts. His answer is
> unchanged - "No. Omi, this is silly. You sound like a 12-year-old in a poorly
> written comedy movie."
> Omi's face darkens. She knows that what she's doing is foolish, yet her lust
> for new adventures won't let her take grip of the situation. Or, perhaps it's
> just lust for foreign money. At this point, not even she can tell for sure.
> The greed overtakes her, and turns into anger; almost like a tiger breaking
> out of a cage to consume its trainer. Her hand moves to her sheath, and —
> The flash of electricity stuns her brother Aricil – completely incapacitated
> by her immense flurry of strikes. By the time he comes to, she's already gone
> like the wind.
> In another world, the young assassin awakens. Her head hurts. Everything
> around her moves in slow motion. Not just for a moment, but continually.
> Wherever she's landed, time is simply different.
> This bemuses her. She begins to laugh. The world's strongest killer, now with
> the world's fastest reflexes. Nothing will stop her now.
> And then, she notices her surroundings. A wide field between mountains, with
> a road to her right. In the distance a city, but nearby, nothing but grass.
> Her shoulders slump and again her expression darkens.
> "Shit."
> Rain spatters down, and quickly gets heavy as she sits in the field. The rain
> is not water, but metal – and that the sky is far darker than it should be.
> Without a soul in sight, she looks up. The world is being devoured by a
> gigantic, black mass.
> The Assassin prays for safety.