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i was always a skinny boy,
in the news i heard of a new method of eating, it was a supplement of sorts
that would give you all of the nutrients you'd need
being interested, i bought some. it ended up being a lot tastier than i had
imagined, the flavour was something like a mint with some zest. the "pills"
were rather large, but they dissolved so easily it wasn't a problem
anyhow, after doing my usual morning routine, i went out. i was in japan, and
today i needed to go home.i went out to drive over to my workplace and..
i noticed something strange while driving. it always seemed like everyone was
in the wrong lane. sometimes there were people going forward in the left but
also in the right. while others were going back in the right...
soon the world started spinning. my thoughts were absorbed by the impact.
somehow I had managed to jump out of my car, although it was already too late
for it. the world was still spinning, so I quickly ran into the closest
inside I noticed it was a factory, some kind of small, run down one. i went
over to near where a ladder was, and put my hand on a table. there was a gun in
my hand. i gripped the gun tightly. it was a revolver, seemingly a very old
one. i decided not to question it, there wasn't anyone in sight anyhow.
everything was covered in rust.
i climbed up a ladder, and found myself soon on a ledge. very high up. a man -
of very short stature, he walked in to the building, talking to himself about
something. soon he noticed me and said,
"Hey, there's a way to get down from there pretty easily. there's a ladder
right next to you."
i obliged him and slowly climbed down. soon we were talking and he made a
gesture to my gun, I kindly handed it to him. we talked for a while about old
commercials we knew, products we loved and wished would come back. he told me
this was a jello factory, the last one still worked by hand.
eventually during the conversation i noticed he didn't have a voice coming out
of his mouth, it was entirely through his lungs seemingly. there was a machine
strapped to his torso i didn't see. the world was still spinning.
i asked him where i should go, but the words didn't come out of my mouth before
a woman walked in dressed in red with high heels. she escorted me away, slowly
walking down the sidewalk.
as we walked away i heard a bang in the distance. i cried.
eventually we made our way to a bus stop, but i just parted ways with her. at
this point i couldn't remember my own name, much less where i was going.
eventually i ended up in a bar. there were some guys smoking cigars at the
front of the bar (it was L shaped) and I talked with them for a while. they
seemed to be nice fellows.
soon I found myself recruited by the Yakuza. in this strange turn of events. I
asked one of the guys if I could taste his cigar while he was lighting a new
one. i did. it was delicious!
I asked how much it was, to which he replied "15,000 USD." well, guess I
wouldn't be smoking those any time soon.
behind the bar was a nice enough looking fellow who had been rolling cigars the
whole time we spoke. i asked him, "do you got any cheap ones"? "give me the
cheapest you got."
he did, indeed, the whole pack only cost 3 bucks. nice.
i made my way outside. in my purse I had a gun, a pack of 10 cent cigars, and a
burn phone. there wasn't really anything else, all of it fell out into the
sewer as i was falling out of my car.
thankfully, the phone they gave me was quite nice. if I held the volume-down
and a secret button hidden on the front flash, i would access a nice program
for checking my hit list.
i walked down the barely lit street, pitch black at midnight. i took a few
turns and suddenly my target was before me. well, there wasn't a single person
near by, so I just shot him.
my gun was suppressed anyhow.
i took out a cigar making my way back and lit it, my expensive lighter was the
only thing left from before my fall. it was fucking delicious. so fucking
delicious I questioned what the point of $15,000 cigars was.
anyway, I made my way back. they were convinced I was some kind of genius.
anywho, I got in. at this point I just needed money, considering my identity
didn't matter a fuck at this point.
i wende and i whan from place to place, doing dirty deed after dirty deed.
eventually, one of my gigs was in a mall. i had plenty of time to do it, so i
decided to go get doughnuts.
i did. they were delicious. as i left the store though, around the corner from
it, i felt a sensation in my back pocket.i quickly grabbed the nearest person
to me by the balls. caught him red handed.
we made our way back over to the doughnut shop, and i forced him to buy me some
chocolate glazed doughnuts. he kept fidgeting trying to leave, but my groin
exploding attacks kept him from.
eventually, he paid, and I let him go. the maidens whomst worked there asked
me, "is he alright?" "yeah. he's just got to take his meds. no problem :)"
a woman with a baby was at the next register to me while i was checking out,
and i smiled. a maid at the place asked me if i wanted children. "yeah, " i
said, "but I can't. my womb doesn't work, and we're still searching for a way
to fix it."
the maid was saddened by this, and went back to her work. i left the store, and
made my way to my target. being a transmasc enby, i was kind of insulted that
people still in 2040 didn't acknowledge my existence. i guess i looked too
femme today.
the target was after a very long hall with tons fo people in it, leading
outside. there wasn't a soul here, since it was very late. just me, red lights,
and a strange kind of outdoors area, abandoned.
so, I sabotaged the power supply, to something, and made my way back.

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where is the rainbow
it's somewhere here
i see it in tomorrow
today i feel
where is the rainbow
all its colors
its carefree
its flow always
i want to chase it again
and be like myself
i see the rainbow
and toward it i run