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  Graham 09c8b52cde Bot::Module: Add postSetup to IBotModule for type info 4 years ago
  Graham 509130c66f Bot::Data: Fix checkModPermissions not being additive 4 years ago
  Graham e2a4c64dae Fix compilation on Windows. 4 years ago
  Marrub 9eb7c02590 Bot::Data: Add blacklists to checkModPermissions 4 years ago
  Marrub d09924cb27 Bot::Client: Rename classes and move to separate namespace 4 years ago
  Marrub 41c1a365a7 Move README to README.md. 4 years ago
  Marrub a39a42ef40 Refactoring. 4 years ago
  Marrub 8464c6ee6c Various cleanup. 4 years ago
  Marrub 00d1b8cb81 Mod_Shittalk: WHOOPS 4 years ago
  Marrub 0047c8d174 Add LICENSE and README files 4 years ago
  Marrub ae778d37e0 Initial commit. 4 years ago