Snipt: Glitch Edition
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Snipt Glitch Edition

In Which, Somehow, A Centralized, Highly Connected Service Is Turned Into A Decentralized And Open One


In no particular order.

  • Theming. Probably via config variables.
  • Domain name. Every instance of should be replaced by a variable, and snipt.s3.amazonaws media should also be made into a separate variable. Don't forget the git repo and documentation too!
  • De-minify everything and add a Python-based minifier.
  • Make deploys easier by automating the database creation. Probably make a Python script which does this along with the resource and minifying stuff.
  • Turn remaining environment vars into config vars.
  • Some tiny issues with the decoupling of systems.
  • Code re-organization.
  • Locally stored avatars.
  • Add SystemD and Nginx example configs.
  • Remove “Pro” field for users

Environment Variables

  • DISABLE_SIGNUP if set to true will disable account registration.

This list is incomplete. You can help b%Yキ%&%%%b%$キ"H%&%%%Y%&%%%%%%%?%&%%%%%%


Make sure you have PostgreSQL installed and running beforehand. (If you don't know how to run it, you probably want the systemctl service.)


The following text should be replaced:

  • CURRENT_USER with the current user.
  • EDITOR with your editor of choice.
  • PORT with the port to run the service on. This will default to 8000.


  • Clone the repo.
  • cd snipt
  • python3 -m venv envs/snipt
  • bash
  • source envs/snipt/bin/activate
  • pip install -r requirements.txt (this will emit some errors, don't worry, they're fine)
  • createuser CURRENT_USER
  • createdb snipt --owner=CURRENT_USER
  • cp
  • ./
  • python runserver

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