Snipt: Glitch Edition
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import hashlib
from django import template
from snipts.models import Favorite, Snipt
from snipts.utils import get_lexers_list
from templatetag_sugar.parser import Variable, Constant
from templatetag_sugar.register import tag
register = template.Library()
@tag(register, [Constant('as'), Variable()])
def snipt_is_favorited_by_user(context, asvar):
user = context['request'].user
snipt = context['snipt']
is_favorited = False
if user.is_authenticated():
if snipt.user != user:
is_favorited = Favorite.objects.get(snipt=snipt, user=user).id
except Favorite.DoesNotExist:
context[asvar] = is_favorited
return ''
@tag(register, [])
def snipts_count_for_user(context):
user = context['request'].user
if user.is_authenticated():
snipts = Snipt.objects.filter(user=user).values('id').count()
snipts = 0
return snipts
@tag(register, [Constant('as'), Variable()])
def get_lexers(context, asvar):
context[asvar] = get_lexers_list()
return ''
@tag(register, [Constant('for'), Variable()])
def generate_line_numbers(context, line_numbers):
html = ''
for i in range(1, line_numbers + 1):
html = html + '<span class="special">{}</span>'.format(i)
return html
def md5(string):
return hashlib.md5(string.lower().encode('utf-8')).hexdigest()
def is_authorized_user(snipt, user):
return snipt.is_authorized_user(user)