random scripts I use
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Alison Watson 7fa7171471 various dev environment stuff 3 月之前
00-vars various dev environment stuff 3 月之前
bindings fish: don't use these bindings anymore 1 年之前
build-hosts hosts: move to network/hosts 1 年之前
cheat file dance 2 年之前
chroot various dev environment stuff 3 月之前
crtolf file dance 2 年之前
ds-patch fish: add ds-patch script 2 年之前
emacs-nw make console usage of emacs better 10 月之前
find-no-album-artist file dance 2 年之前
find-stereo file dance 2 年之前
flac2mp3 file dance 2 年之前
gdcc-install various dev environment stuff 3 月之前
gender-swap runtime fixes 1 年之前
generate-grub file dance 2 年之前
homebrew file dance 2 年之前
makepkg file dance 2 年之前
megadl misc fixes 3 月之前
path make paths not be hardcoded on user login 10 月之前
prompt add development chroot environment 10 月之前
ql file dance 2 年之前
quick-diff fish: add quick-diff 1 年之前
quick-sed fish: add quick-sed script 1 年之前
rebuild file dance 2 年之前
show-colors rewrite show-colors script in Ruby 2 年之前
transfer file dance 2 年之前
update-vim-plugins file dance 2 年之前
vm-macemu file dance 2 年之前
vm-nextemu file dance 2 年之前
vm-pcem virtual-machines: add PCem configurations 1 年之前
vm-qemu misc fixes 3 月之前
vnc file dance 2 年之前
void-quick misc fixes 3 月之前
void-repo void: make xrsync synchronize the folder with a glob 1 年之前
wiki-preview fish: fix usage of vim: syntax 1 年之前