65 Commits (7fa717147187d28041521199ae5bf3660bca52fa)

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an 7fa7171471 various dev environment stuff 2 years ago
Alison G. Watson ff42f1158d minor fixes 3 years ago
an d9fe66af1a add fira's theme 3 years ago
an c1708ee6a1 make console usage of emacs better 3 years ago
Alison G. Watson 562acd775f destroy electric indentation for C/C++ 3 years ago
Alison G. Watson f330dfb902 improve work environment 3 years ago
Alison G. Watson d9ef6acfda Merge branch 'master' of git.greyserv.net:marrub/scripts 3 years ago
Alison G. Watson 787f98342f emacs: don't use file-name-handler-alist, do use a lower gc-cons-threshold for normal use 3 years ago
Alison G. Watson 19717e5cb0 emacs: don't attempt to use flyspell on windows 3 years ago
Alison G. Watson 7aa1d3af2a emacs: don't use mozc on windows 3 years ago
an 00822c5302 emacs: add lua to smart-tabs 3 years ago
an 3e27aca08d emacs: change mmm-mode config 3 years ago
an 69d1565bbb emacs: use css-mode, lua-mode, python 3 years ago
an 9b6c19e359 emacs: remove C-Tab-hjkl and replace Kw with C-Tab-k for deadgrep 3 years ago
Alison G. Watson 711d8019ca fix json-mode and js-mode indentation 3 years ago
Alison G. Watson c97adc7859 emacs: use powershell 3 years ago
Alison G. Watson 57651c9286 windows changes 3 years ago
an ca775aff0d emacs: use json-mode 3 years ago
an ba25bd9827 emacs: fix warning 3 years ago
an 9b621b391e Merge branch 'master' of git.greyserv.net:marrub/scripts
# Conflicts:
#	emacs/init.el
3 years ago
an 9fcf97a49f emacs: use mmm-mode, add rust-doc group 3 years ago
an 942851459c emacs: use ninja-mode 3 years ago
an 15765bbedc emacs: don't use variable-pitch-mode anymore 3 years ago
an 0679b68e61 use iosevka instead of dina and tewi 3 years ago
Alison G. Watson bf47f664cc emacs: add mode-line family for non-freetype systems 3 years ago
an 3b3bbf9c7d emacs: use a different font for the mode line 3 years ago
an 7fcd05709a emacs: move some stuff (mainly fonts) to early-init.el 3 years ago
an 1f5f8bb2fb emacs: add some project-specific key macros 3 years ago
an 679afca151 emacs: don't use before-save hooks if agw-no-fixes is `t' 3 years ago
an 162f764333 emacs: make evil use indentation consistently 3 years ago
an 5b401eac2b emacs: add number of lines in file to mode-line 4 years ago
an f6dbb6d462 emacs: use :mode instead of auto-mode-alist 4 years ago
an 3c18353f78 emacs: make `.mdwn' a markdown extension 4 years ago
an afce97886e emacs: don't use variable-pitch-mode in markdown-mode 4 years ago
an b1f2e13c57 emacs: add bindings for managing archival in org-mode 4 years ago
an 809e3e0af8 emacs: use lambda for initial-buffer-choice 4 years ago
an 8e2b1bb7bb emacs: add hooks for text-mode 4 years ago
an 5d9990eb9e emacs: use fixed-pitch for org-special-keyword/org-drawer 4 years ago
an d8681e1747 emacs: move hl-line to use-package 4 years ago
an cb6f5873ee emacs: use a consistent theme 4 years ago
an 55475c63e5 emacs: quit auto aligning things you asshole 4 years ago
an 73eff57099 emacs: hack-local-variables-hook stuff 4 years ago
an 51dd5d6031 emacs: fix font size 4 years ago
an 9d83457b24 emacs: add config for markdown-mode 4 years ago
an 1a92622890 emacs: use iedit 4 years ago
an d073369d91 emacs: use our own mode tags for evil 4 years ago
an a6ab5fce23 emacs: rename agw-key-map to agw-key-map-mode 4 years ago
an c25ca8b868 emacs: use dired-create-empty-file instead of our own thing 4 years ago
an 9752b23ff7 emacs: use our own modeline 4 years ago
an 2010675d9a emacs: use different fonts for certain character ranges 4 years ago