143 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alison Watson 6bf7f8d92e move parser to root of vire, add test code 2 weeks ago
  Alison Watson e85391de28 improve vire tokenizer and parser 2 weeks ago
  Alison Watson 2440098441 rebuild command buffer each frame 2 weeks ago
  Alison Watson 6ea518d57b minor fixes, use log where applicable 2 weeks ago
  Alison Watson 905d709e05 general FFI improvements 2 weeks ago
  Alison Watson 803b91bed2 remove LLVM for now 2 weeks ago
  Alison Watson 031f395421 some shit 3 weeks ago
  Alison Watson 228ef7cffc use heuristics to determine SPIR-V files and their entry points 3 weeks ago
  Alison Watson cdfe400a00 contain descriptor information better 3 weeks ago
  Alison Watson fc725b5c56 make hal::sdl::EventType non exhaustive (forwards compatibility) 3 weeks ago
  Alison Watson 9e43e0cb5f fix rustfmt mangling this macro constantly 3 weeks ago
  Alison Watson ebfdb3833b minor improvements 3 weeks ago
  Alison Watson a1ea8b33d8 Add support for multiple stages per shader module, WGSL compilation. 1 month ago
  Alison Watson a0d3b5f3c4 Mostly documentation changes. 1 month ago
  Alison Watson a4425ee985 Add V7 tar support, fix some redundancies 1 month ago
  Alison Watson 343629861c big refactoring 1 month ago
  Alison Watson c0565b3f5d cargo fmt 6 months ago
  Alison Watson a37b7eeab6 new renderer code, heavy optimizations 6 months ago
  Alison Watson 26f753a999 replace sdl2-sys and llvm-sys with our own bindings 6 months ago
  Alison Watson f03bf5b5ae start rewriting the renderer 7 months ago
  Alison Watson 8ccad24f22 changes for 1.51.0 7 months ago
  Alison Watson f05fdca36c update crates 7 months ago
  Alison Watson f2f5614286 whoops 7 months ago
  Alison Watson 02ffe1cdd9 remove termcolor as a dependency 7 months ago
  Alison Watson 3b90effb16 finish skeletal animation, add a math wrapper module, reduce data sent to the GPU 7 months ago
  Alison Watson 10372d9cd5 remove the logging system, nearly fix skeletal animation? optimize some code 7 months ago
  Alison Watson 02632f81d3 use better formatting 10 months ago
  Alison Watson cdbb853c2b more work on vire 10 months ago
  Alison Watson 43dd9ec97d add texture tool 10 months ago
  Alison Watson 52189645f6 add Debug impl for vfs::Arc 10 months ago
  Alison Watson 38f85d291e update dependencies 10 months ago
  Alison Watson cdad2500bb minor fixes 10 months ago
  Alison Watson c05da9e05a mesh hack 10 months ago
  Alison Watson cbbbfa5254 fixed 10 months ago
  Alison Watson a35e788160 closer??????????? 10 months ago
  Alison Watson 25551cd2da fix nat_binop abusing a rustc bug 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 962bd12ba7 update resources 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 9bf5714e2d update dependencies, don't let them go up minor versions 1 year ago
  Alison Watson bfad51b2df use more efficient lto and panic strategies for release 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 2aef36b082 more work on compiler, use shh for better llvm error handling 1 year ago
  Alison Watson cf8d7851d0 better meta stuff 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 4b3965b94b simplify log module 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 1d15fe30c0 update dependencies 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 8af218386c make text::radix safe and const 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 24d0f8e051 clippy 1.46.0! 1 year ago
  Alison Watson d142632914 fix number and symbol parsing 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 7e3d8a1a2c fix errors in parser 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 9c3d1f5155 move HAL stuff around 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 5051934b43 change naming for HAL errors 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 31be81738b begin refactoring vire 1 year ago