11 Commits (836f28342983bd2703c1a69e7d922abd1ef53e56)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alison Watson 836f283429 some minor crust removal 1 year ago
  Alison Watson e30576bbe9 add memory tags, use malloc for title screen 1 year ago
  Alison Watson c1da4a06cd replace libGDCC with new allocator, merge lithlib into lithmain 1 year ago
  Alison Watson e989c6a0e8 whoops 1 year ago
  Alison Watson f7b01eb0c4 make log size a slider instead of two options 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 362bd2ab67 add a text color setting for the GUI 1 year ago
  Alison Watson ab58d6f854 remove the remaining prefixes 1 year ago
  Alison Watson f7b29598f1 update copyright headers 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 3d5dee3764 make the log actually show big messages 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 94796cb558 make UI more consistent 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 9d7b7fb5b4 better support for colourful hell 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 08ece797f8 chfont -> lmidfont 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 4441699b93 fix inconsistencies in fonts 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 3db358c842 GOOD BYE JO JO ! 1 year ago
  Alison Watson c6843b30e1 fix various drawing issues 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 31b8e08fb3 remove use of cbifont 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 751a808966 rewrite dialogue VM entirely, making it a 6502 emulator 2 years ago
  Alison Watson b501acb5db COMMENTS 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 25c9bcc82f refactoring 2 years ago
  Alison Watson af80ebb75d fix date formatting not using its own buffer 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 9c41cf7d95 la grande stringening finale: integer scripts 2 years ago
  Alison Watson d60e7a100d bunch of optimizations and shit 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 4c97ff3405 update licensing to be CC0 public domain 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 6b08742f87 fix some crap 2 years ago
  Alison Watson f65286fe73 oops! all rewrites 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 9c8a073c29 la grande stringening 28: logging 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 2a619da737 add constant string objects for common ACS strings 2 years ago
  Alison Watson e76797bec4 la grande stringening 18: format strings 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 7e84b21151 la grande stringening 17: improved prefixes 2 years ago
  Alison Watson a5b92fc969 WHOLE BUNCH OF CRAP 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 5609c120e4 la grande stringening 14: explicit strent literals 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 96126e79ea genericise naming schemes 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 4b2b36e44e sizeof consistency 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 65d87102db code cleanup 3 years ago
  Alison Watson 5813784aed rewrite log code 3 years ago
  Alison Watson e4f83d783a dead name 3 years ago
  Alison Watson 8ce03c11e6 remove old style function/type header comments 3 years ago
  Alison Watson 473fe85047 font 3 years ago
  Alison Watson 6ba3e19d04 revise log code 3 years ago
  Alison Watson 46a1960db6 add more translations 3 years ago
  Alison Watson cd06f3be7d h 3 years ago
  Alison Watson 19cab38dfe add hashfs and stuff 3 years ago
  Alison Watson 9d726ee794 fuck 3 years ago
  Marrub ca37ab4894 change CallACS hacks to ACS_ScriptCall 3 years ago
  Marrub 8fce1149f6 nerd shit 3 years ago
  Marrub a75f92dea0 misc fixes and shitposting 3 years ago
  Marrub e9563ca56e optimize memory allocation usage in log code 3 years ago
  Marrub d4aa45a781 simplify log messages 3 years ago
  Marrub 6dda6b6171 optimize a bunch of stuff probably 3 years ago
  Marrub 41a1c12d45 replace ~90% of hudmessages with zscript crap 3 years ago