4 Commits (836f28342983bd2703c1a69e7d922abd1ef53e56)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alison Watson 836f283429 some minor crust removal 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 362bd2ab67 add a text color setting for the GUI 1 year ago
  Alison Watson f7b29598f1 update copyright headers 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 9d7b7fb5b4 better support for colourful hell 1 year ago
  Alison Watson 751a808966 rewrite dialogue VM entirely, making it a 6502 emulator 2 years ago
  Alison Watson b501acb5db COMMENTS 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 25c9bcc82f refactoring 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 6fe4202380 fix GUI inconsistently using acs strings 2 years ago
  Alison Watson d60e7a100d bunch of optimizations and shit 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 4c97ff3405 update licensing to be CC0 public domain 2 years ago
  Alison Watson f65286fe73 oops! all rewrites 2 years ago
  Alison Watson e76797bec4 la grande stringening 18: format strings 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 5609c120e4 la grande stringening 14: explicit strent literals 2 years ago
  Alison Watson 36eb1e51ce la grande stringening part 4: GUI arguments 1 2 years ago
  Alison Watson e4f83d783a dead name 3 years ago
  Alison Watson 8ce03c11e6 remove old style function/type header comments 3 years ago
  Alison Watson 3fb8d9d60f fucke 3 years ago
  Marrub 41a1c12d45 replace ~90% of hudmessages with zscript crap 3 years ago
  Marrub eb3c64b13b Allow for external ACS modules to access globals 4 years ago
  Marrub 13b05138e5 Normalize line endings and add copyright notices to source files 4 years ago
  Marrub 3485714944 Move code out of pk7 (for real this time) 4 years ago
  Marrub f3a705eddc Add autosave CVar 4 years ago
  Marrub 982a28a828 Make GUI arguments const 4 years ago
  Marrub 405f98c52c Rewrite GUI prefix code 4 years ago
  Alison Watson 562d58e601 Changes June 17 - January 1 4 years ago
  Alison Watson 545b75aca1 NO NO NO MOVE IT BACK MOVE IT BACK 4 years ago
  Alison Watson df0f20e784 Move /pk7/lcode to /source 4 years ago
  Alison Watson 7c6a06eced CBI: Add GUI themes 4 years ago
  Alison Watson b910a81c0e Upgrades: Add Zoom implicit upgrade 4 years ago
  Alison Watson ac219bf5cf GUI: Split p_cbi_gui.c into multiple files 4 years ago