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If you wish to run an in-development version of the mod, you can click the “Clone or download” button and then “Download ZIP”.

Once you've done that you can then load the pk7 folder into ZDoom as you would any other mod.


The C code in source/ is compiled to ACS bytecode with a customized version of GDCC. It can be rather terse at times, and is scarcely commented, but it is hopefully understandable on its own. All text sources are CC0 public domain unless otherwise specified.

To compile, generate a build file with tools/genbuild.rb and run ninja.

Build requirements:

Requirements for tools/mkfont.rb:

  • wget
  • ImageMagick
  • OptiPNG
  • PNGQuant
  • AdvPNG


Respect content creators and do not use the content of this mod elsewhere without permission. See credits.txt for full licensing information and attribution.