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actually having multiple personalities is pretty normal tbh idk about it
bending reality though that's probably not normal
# Lithium Backstory
> Her face darkens. Aricil can tell that she will strike him, and that there's
> no escape from her attack. He braces for the blow, despite the futiliy of
> doing so.
> The flash of electricity stuns him completely incapacitated by her immense
> flurry of strikes. By the time he comes to, she's already gone like the wind.
> Without a word, he gets up. His body sustained the damage superbly, though
> his feelings are still hurt by the action. The Dimension Driver stands tall
> before him, as he considers what to do. His sister has vanished to a location
> unknown to all the world, a place possibly unconnected to even the concept of
> time.
> Aricil retrieves his swords and pistol. Two blades, one fused with a
> fantastic Indicolite. A pistol of .700 calibre. Omisielle thinks she can
> handle herself, but he could survive twelve kilo-megaton nuclear detonations
> and still fight.
> The armor-bound warrior enters the Dimension Driver's chamber, and within
> moments, a titanic flash casts him into another dimension.
> In another world, the Dark Lord awakens. His head hurts. Everything around
> him moves in slow motion. Not just for a moment, but forever. Time flows
> differently here, he supposes. At least it's here at all.
> Inspecting his surroundings, he has awoken in a dark place, almost suiting
> him. Yet, a darker energy emenates throughout the atmosphere of this place,
> darker and more sinister than should be possible.
> The Dark Lord prays for safety.