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[[!meta title="Stan Blazkowicz"]]
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name="Stan Blazkowicz"
basedon="Doom Marine"
nicknames="Blaz, B.J."
affiliation="[[Combined Earth Forces|orgs/cef]]"
origin="United States of America, Earth, Sol"
born="Stanley James Blazkowicz, October 27, 1625 New Era"
parents="Billy Blaze, Sally Blaze"]]
Stanley James Blazkowicz is a Marine in the United States Marine Corps, born
1625 N.E. His surname and middle name are carried over from his great-great
grandfather, Bill James Blazkowicz. While his initials are S.J.B, some close
friends of his tend to call him B.J. jokingly. After being drafted into the
military in 1644 during the Fifteenth Cold War, he stayed in the Marine Corps
after being allowed leave when the war ended in 1646. Three years later, in
1649, he was enlisted in a joint operation between [[Optic Fiber
Maxim-Danil|orgs/ofmd]]'s PMC and the U.S. Military to help resolve the
[[Hell Incident|stories/lithium]]. Due to legal and ethical complications in
his mission, he was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps and was enlisted
exclusively to OFMD's PMC, after which he was rewarded a large sum of
[[concepts/score]] and insurance benefits. During [[stories/lithium]]'s
time-loop caused by [[The L-Value|concepts/lvalue]], he leads OFMD's PMCs as a
General in the [[Post-Ragnarök Incident|stories/fss]].
# Lithium Backstory
> During the 17th century of the New Era, our country began drafting the youth
> into the military again. Most people couldn't understand why, even though it
> was pretty obvious if you looked at our current relations with other nations.
> I wasn't particularly young, but they decided to draft me anyway - apparently
> they were short on people to steal away for their inscrutable purposes. When
> my term was up, though, I stayed, unlike the rest of my motley crew.
> Sometimes I wish I'd just packed my bags and left with them, but that thought
> is always followed with that, perhaps, this is just where I belong.
> Where I belong and where I want to be could perhaps be different places
> entirely, but as fate has it, I'm going to be in the former, no matter what.
> "Oh well," I sigh. "Where in the world are we going?"
> The scientist responds, "Not ''in'' the world. Out of it. While your deploy
> location is still technically —" I cut him off. "I don't give a damn. Just
> tell me where it is."
> The egghead pauses for a minute. While he doesn't look disturbed by the
> question, he seems to not know how to phrase the answer. "Hell. That's where
> you're going."
> Somehow, a scoff escapes me, a disparaging chuckle I completely believe
> him. He deliberates for a moment thinking I'd react, and asks, "That's it? No
> questions? That would be quite honestly great, as we haven't much time."
> "Yeah." I start laughing, quietly. "I'm goin' to Hell."
> I've seen weirder things. Papa Billy always told me weird stories from his
> childhood, and I still believe them, to be honest. Hell really wouldn't be
> much stranger.
> Can't help it. No use in fighting it. Maybe I'll get to shoot demons.
> My laughter subsides, and I return my attention to the labcoated lunatic. "No
> complaints here."
> The scientist looks at me like I've grown a second head and walks back out
> the door, writing something on his clipboard all the while.
> I sit back on the couch and close my eyes, waiting for the next interview.
> The sun shines out the window above me, and I fall asleep for a little while.
# Lithium Info Pages
## Backstory
Project 114 is the current military operation you are enacting. Started by a
pact between OFMD, KSKK and your country's military, Project 114 aims to
destroy the dimension known as Hell, which is currently invading our own.
As of writing, only 3 of the 8 operatives sent in remain. Two robots, and
yourself. You are to act as the point man and only main force against the
threat. Failing that, you are to help open a pathway to the core of Hell for
other operatives to complete the mission with.
Your advisor is Adam Lambert, and 11 generals currently oversee his and your
actions on the field.
## Intro
Your weapons have been deployed to various locations we were able to send other people to. Do take care of them, acquiring the correct armaments for your job was quite expensive and now we've probably lost a few people.
Besides being deployed with your pistol and combat knife (as you requested), you have been sent these five weapons:
1. A combat-modified military model Hiku Mk.2 Shotgun, manufactured by Omakeda.
> This weapon was chosen because it has a powerful plasma shot that can
> penetrate the demons' armour. Besides this, it has low recoil and an easy
> to handle pump-action loading system. It has hopefully been deployed to
> the most convenient location you shall come across.
2. An AllPoint 75-b Assault Rifle.
> You shall be fighting hordes of lower ranking demons and un-dead which are
> quite vulnerable to small arms fire and explosives, so naturally this gun
> was our first choice. Equipped with a box magazine and inbuilt grenade
> launcher, capable of eliminating most lower tier threats.
3. A Grenade Launcher, manufactured by Sym 4.3.
> With this, you can completely obliterate larger targets and crowds of
> demons. Unfortunately, due to its weight, we were not able to get it in
> any convenient location.
4. An AllPoint 68-n Plasma Rifle.
> This weapon does extreme damage to anything living, but some of the tougher
> demons seem to mitigate its damage. Regardless, it has been sent to you
> because it can shred through demons with high rank.
5. The Omega Cannon.
> I myself am not sure why high order would bother giving you such an
> expensive and dangerous piece of equipment, but you must have been sent
> this artifact for the purpose of destroying *something*.
6. A KSKK Utsu-denka-sou assault bracelet.
> A weapon that may prove useful against weak and strong enemies alike, it's
> been sent to an unknown location, unfortunately. Don't be tricked by the
> appearance of it. Even if it just looks like a fancy bracelet, it is capable
> of outputting several tons of weight out your fist.
You will also be able to purchase the weapons you designated, in your words, as "must-have" in the Shop. I warn you that these weapons may not be as effective as you think; we spent quite a lot of time making sure that the arms we sent you were top-notch.
Lambert out. Good luck, Blazkowicz.
## Intro 2
Hello, it has been forwarded to me that your Computer/Brain Interface hardware was not properly upgraded for this mission. I've had several communications errors with your secondary employers, and it is truly starting to get annoying.
Due to failure to communicate with OFMD, I've taken it upon myself to send your hardware upgrades through several proxy agents.
They may all be dead now. I have no idea, really. Hopefully you will survive whatever they didn't. Anyways, as for the important part of this message, here is a list of all the hardware that has been sent:
Two CPU/RAM upgrade packages. The first one is a powerful BC-0265 processor and 500TiB of RAM. Unfortunately, something horrible appears to have happened to the agent carrying it, and so a secondary package has been sent, containing temporary replacements: a Z6808 and 100TiB of RAM.
One Armor Interface. A PCB and a set of emplacements on your armor.
One Weapon Modification Device, as its name implies.
One Weapon Refactoring Device, which can perform large modifications on guns.
See you.
## Cluster 1
An explosion of some sort just happened nearby, it seems that the demons are reconstructing the world around you. You would best be careful not to trigger any other, er, events.
Enough of those and the whole world around you might collapse!
You've been making good progress so far. Your military superiors seem to be considering giving you a promotion, even.
Lambert out.
## Cluster 2
There has been a change of plans going down the whole chain of command.
Your status as a military operative is now cancelled, and you are to enter a full-on suicide mission funded by OFMD alone.
There is an artifact nearby that we have sent you. Once it is in your possession, immediately destroy it, and you will be transported to a city somewhere in Hell. Command will await afterwards.
Lambert out.
## Cluster 3
Now that you have entered the city, you m\\r-3434[[
SYSTEM ERROR 0x4E4943456A6F6244554D42415353
>>>>>\[[[[procedure resetting terminal]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[status: heap corrupted]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[error handler malfunction error]]]]
>>>>>\[[[[failure to proceed]]]]
## Secret 1
This place stinks of rotten flesh! I wonder what's going on here, these blue walls sure seem out of place for Hell...
Perhaps some sinners are waiting to eat my rockets!
## Secret 2
Now I've done it, this place just keeps going deeper and getting weirder... Damn, it's getting hot in here! Better turn up the heat some more.