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UNATCORelay is a Node server that you can use to route GitHub messages to Discord channels via webhooks.

UNATCORelay works per-channel (hook) and accepts any messages as long as they are validated as coming from GitHub.

This may be a bit awkward for some but I am a busy man and this suits my needs, so please do use the issue tracker and pull requests if you need features added.

Environment Configuration

  • WEBHOOK_PORT: Port to host on. Required.
  • WEBHOOK_URI: URI for the webhook to send to. Required.
  • GITHUB_SECRET: Secret key for validating requests. Not required, but heavily recommended.
  • VHOST: Virtual host to respond from. Recommended if you use your own subdomain.


npm update
WEBHOOK_PORT=80 WEBHOOK_URI='https://canary.discordapp.com/api/webhooks/whatever' GITHUB_SECRET='whatever' VHOST='whatever.wherever.com' npm run start