Marathon editing tools.
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Public domain tools for editing data for the Marathon engine. The name “Maraiah” is derived from the Japanese transliteration of “Mariah,” and is pronounced “mah-rye-uhh” (/mɑɹaɪʌ/ in IPA.) It has no special meaning.


The basis of this project is the Rust project maraiah which provides functions and structures to build applications which work with Marathon’s data.

See the crate documentation for more information.

maraiah does not have any special dependencies.

To compile, run cargo build.


maraiah-leela is a CLI utility that essentially allows for a direct user interface to the underlying Maraiah library.

maraiah-leela does not have any special dependencies.

To compile, run cargo build -p maraiah-leela.


maraiah-tycho is a map editor written in C++ and Rust using Qt.

maraiah-tycho requires librsvg and pigz to compile the icons. librsvg is also required for the bundle is also required for the icon compilation script and the bundle script. You will need CMake as well. The runtime dependencies are Qt5’s Core, GUI, and Widgets libraries, and a C++ runtime.

To compile, cd to tycho, run ./, and then compile with cargo build -p maraiah-tycho. If you wish to create a Macintosh Application Bundle, run ./ This will also create an installer DMG. If you don’t want to create an installer and just want the app, run env NO_DMG=1 ./