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Marrub 4339cc7296 Mega commit.
Create WinMan module.
Remove HudMessage module.
Update tests.
Add (somewhat test) fonts.
Callback: Rename some things
Control: Improve font loading nonsense
Control: Make descendants have a head and tail pointer
Control: Move Lth_ControlCall to Callback
Control: Add Lth_ControlInit convenience macro
Context: Add scaled drawing
Context: Split into WinMan
Context: Fix trying to access a null pointer in Lth_ContextResource
Draw: Add more contextualized drawing functions
Font: Fully implement Unicode font rendering and loading
HashMap: Rename Lth_HashMapFree to Lth_HashMapDestroy
Window: Update code
2016-11-21 01:33:10 -05:00
Base Initial commit 2016-10-17 11:57:44 -04:00
ReplacementCharacter.png Mega commit. 2016-11-21 01:33:10 -05:00