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63 Commits (4644b4108c492b87b289061e97704328cd4ec8a5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
an 4644b4108c TokenStream: Fix erroneous block comment parsing 6 years ago
an 7c854b943f Token: Add more escape characters 6 years ago
an 12558fca11 Token: Add new tokens 6 years ago
an 7f3a6e222e Token: Improve string parsing 7 years ago
an 7c8da17172 Token: Add new tokens 7 years ago
an 8a73dc69f0 TokenStream: Add properties for TokenStream* functions 7 years ago
an d2242c1685 Token: Add property for TokenGet 7 years ago
an 88580c78ee HashMap: Add properties for HashMapFind* functions 7 years ago
an 84be5c83a2 HashMap: Add properties for certain functions 7 years ago
an 0446080176 Refactoring, part 2
Now with conditional compilation macros.
7 years ago
an 844919016c Refactoring, part 1
Changes made over the past week or so after using this in Lithium.
Some modules are missing and there is no makefile now.
7 years ago
Marrub 080b28c8c8 Fix licensing wording and add external licenses. 7 years ago
Marrub 953de47c94 Move code and remove lithos3l.lib 7 years ago
Marrub ee96fb0bb4 Relicense under MIT License. 7 years ago
Marrub 4339cc7296 Mega commit.
Create WinMan module.
Remove HudMessage module.
Update tests.
Add (somewhat test) fonts.
Callback: Rename some things
Control: Improve font loading nonsense
Control: Make descendants have a head and tail pointer
Control: Move Lth_ControlCall to Callback
Control: Add Lth_ControlInit convenience macro
Context: Add scaled drawing
Context: Split into WinMan
Context: Fix trying to access a null pointer in Lth_ContextResource
Draw: Add more contextualized drawing functions
Font: Fully implement Unicode font rendering and loading
HashMap: Rename Lth_HashMapFree to Lth_HashMapDestroy
Window: Update code
7 years ago
Marrub f5fdcd56a9 Remove Lth_button and test file 7 years ago
Marrub 3f5d061bcd Manifest: Add string-constant-seq 7 years ago
Marrub ec2c3b8e7e Add Lth_stdfix.h. 7 years ago
Marrub 46f8776c89 TokenStream: Fix dumb typo 7 years ago
Marrub 89882c943f stdlib: Add Lth_ceilk and Lth_fractk
stdlib: Change memcpy calls to memmove calls
stdlib: Optimize Lth_PrintString with hacks
7 years ago
Marrub 4b20d830c4 Types: Add Lth_VectorAlloc and move Lth_pfor 7 years ago
Marrub 07bf122fdc Token: Add TOK_Minus and fix negative numbers 7 years ago
Marrub 52d431acb9 Move README to README.md 7 years ago
Marrub dbf3994ba3 TokenStream: Fix comment buffer eating forward slashes 7 years ago
Marrub ce3a67c737 Token: Simplify escape sequences 7 years ago
Marrub caf15b2866 Types: Add Lth_OptArgs macro 7 years ago
Marrub 44c32b82b0 HashMap: Make Lth_HashMapFind generic
Manifest: Fix Lth_Resource not handling char *
7 years ago
Marrub 33e5162f05 stdlib: Add Lth_stricmp, Lth_wcs*, Lth_mbslen, and Lth_Hash_wchar 7 years ago
Marrub 2420deecb3 Manifest: Fix boolean value loading 7 years ago
Marrub 9738d31bd0 Context: Fix double-free 7 years ago
Marrub d13f2f6fe4 Change headers so everything is included sequentially by Lth.h.
Context: Rename Lth_ContextResourceFind
stdlib: Fix Lth_isidenti
7 years ago
Marrub 0592eca67f stdlib: Fix Lth_Hash_* not masking characters, breaking unicode. 7 years ago
Marrub f69a1e8412 Manifest: Add string object-declarations and booleans 7 years ago
Marrub 2ede2f4928 Window: Switch x/y and w/h in Lth_WindowNew
main: Add new test code
7 years ago
Marrub abc86aaa8f Add Manifest module. 7 years ago
Marrub fb08786729 Token: Fix Lth_TOK_Dot eating numbers 7 years ago
Marrub ab547ad527 stdlib: Add Lth_fpeekc, Lth_strealoc, et al. 7 years ago
Marrub 6834efad4f stdlib: Add Lth_pfor 7 years ago
Marrub f30001b818 assert: Fix Lth_Assert not using stderr 7 years ago
Marrub 36f008b298 Types: Fix VectorForEach, add 'bufsz' to Vector and add Lth_Pair 7 years ago
Marrub 95c85fdb9f TokenStream: Remove scriptcall member 7 years ago
Marrub b745b2eb3f Hashmap: Change Lth_HashFindItr's parameters 7 years ago
Marrub c500b83948 Remove binary files from tree. 7 years ago
Marrub 9f9daeb302 Create Token and TokenStream modules.
Draw: Change __fixed to standard _Accum.
main: Fix header comment.
7 years ago
Marrub 81061174e9 stdlib: Add Lth_Hash_char 7 years ago
Marrub ca89eb95e9 Move classlayout.txt to the Tools directory. 7 years ago
Marrub 1038ca8961 Create Hashmap module. 7 years ago
Marrub 668f77010f Types: Add Lth_Vector macro 7 years ago
Marrub 22421f7eeb stdlib: Add Lth_strlocal and Lth_strdup_str 7 years ago
Marrub 93377a9dc7 Control: Add Lth_ControlFont 7 years ago