Customizable Weaponry for ZDoom.
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Channel: irc://


To attach Silencers

Hold RUN and RELOAD to attach or detatch a Silencer.

To use the Customization Menu

Press ZOOM to open the Customization Menu.
Press RELOAD to attach an Attachment.
Press FIRE to scroll the menu.

How to play

Option 1:

  • Go to the releases page and download the latest release there.

Option 2:

  • Clone the repository (Download ZIP on the main page)
  • Zip the pk7/ folder contents
  • Rename the zip to doomcw.pk3

ACS Stuff

Definitions in CWMain.c

Used as an argument for the CW_ATTACH script

  • CM_SHTGN Used as an argument for the CW_GETVAL script
  • GV_PSTF1
  • GV_PSTF2
  • GV_SHTF1

Maximum integer



  • CW_KEYFIND - Looping script that checks some buttons and does stuff in a switch
  • CW_ATTACH - Huge-ass switch that does some CheckInventory comparisons
  • CW_MENUOPEN - Terminatable looping script that opens the Customization Menu.
  • CW_MENUCLOSE - Terminates CW_MENUOPEN and closes the HudMessages.
  • CW_GETVAL - Switch to be used in DECORATE for gun modifications.
  • CW_LASER - Looping script that spawns a laser pointer if you have one attached