Customizable Weaponry for ZDoom.
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_compile.bat 948B

  1. @echo off
  2. color F
  3. setlocal
  4. set acc-path=C:\Users\Graham\Desktop\Utils\dh-acc
  5. set PATH=%PATH%;%acc-path%
  6. set SRC=.\script
  7. set OBJ=.\acs
  8. set CMD=dh-acc --named-scripts --auto-stack-size=0 -Z -i %SRC%\inc -c
  9. echo Compiling DS files...
  10. %CMD% %SRC%\CWAtchMenu.ds -o %OBJ%\CWAtchMenu.o
  11. %CMD% %SRC%\CWAttach.ds -o %OBJ%\CWAttach.o
  12. %CMD% %SRC%\CWGetVal.ds -o %OBJ%\CWGetVal.o
  13. %CMD% %SRC%\CWKeyFinder.ds -o %OBJ%\CWKeyFinder.o
  14. %CMD% %SRC%\CWLaser.ds -o %OBJ%\CWLaser.o
  15. %CMD% %SRC%\CWGetAttachment.ds -o %OBJ%\CWGetAttachment.o
  16. echo Done! Compiling final object file...
  17. dh-acc --named-scripts --auto-stack-size=0 -Z -i %SRC%\inc %OBJ%\CWAtchMenu.o %OBJ%\CWAttach.o %OBJ%\CWGetVal.o %OBJ%\CWKeyFinder.o %OBJ%\CWLaser.o %OBJ%\CWGetAttachment.o -o %OBJ%\CWMain.o
  18. del %OBJ%\CWAtchMenu.o
  19. del %OBJ%\CWAttach.o
  20. del %OBJ%\CWGetVal.o
  21. del %OBJ%\CWKeyFinder.o
  22. del %OBJ%\CWLaser.o
  23. del %OBJ%\CWGetAttachment.o
  24. echo All done! Press any key to exit.
  25. endlocal
  26. pause >nul